Battlefield 2 Review: 5 Reasons To Buy

Battlefield 2 cover

Battlefield 2 Review: 5 Reasons To Buy

  • Battlefield 2 maps scale to the number of players engaging in battle for a unique and intense experience every time.
  • All-new gameplay engine brings the immense locations to life complete with realistic physics and dynamic lighting.
  • Take control of over 30 land, sea, and air vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, hovercraft, fast attack vehicles, and fighter jets.
  • New state-of-the-art weapon systems, including heat seeking missiles and laser designated bombs.
  • Full in-game community support including, buddy lists, stat tracking, live chat rooms, and in-game clan creation.

Battlefield 2 is a very ambitious project that succeeds in virtually every level. Developed by Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts in 2005 for Microsoft Windows. The game is a first-person shooter video game taking place in modern day with modern weaponry. You can play with up to 64 people and have access to more than 30 vehicles such as tanks, jeeps, choppers and jets.  Depending on what class of soldier that you choose you will have greater control over class-specific weapons and vehicles. 

Above and Beyond Realism

Battlefield 2 screenshot
Fighters engage in battle.

Classes include sniper, assault, special ops, engineer, medic and anti aircraft. They are all upgradeable. An incredible stat system keeps tabs on just about everything you do including the number of kills, favorite weapons, medals awarded and missions accomplished. 

Ultimately you could rise to the rank or squad leader or commander. The inclusion of real-time voice chat is the single most important addition to this series. The ability to communicate directly adds another dimension to Battlefield 2.

With 64 players all chatting at the same time you can only imagine the cacophony. Fortunately, you can divide your group into several smaller squads that can only communicate within that unit. The squad leader will also have direct contact with the omnipotent commander who oversees the entire

mission. The commander has the most responsibility. He’s got to scan the map for enemies and then issue orders that best neutralize the threat.

Collecting medals for a job well done can get addicting. It even makes supporting roles such as medics and engineers more exciting. With so much intense action taking place the supporting roles are more important than ever. By healing players, repairing vehicles and weapons and blowing up key installations and bridges you realize these roles are integral to your team’s success.

Battlefield 2 Features

Battlefield gunner screenshot
Battlefield 2 realistic automatic weaponry.

Map locations and sizes vary. The more players on a map the bigger it is. You can enter games with 16, 32 or 64 players. You’ll fight in areas all around the world, in locations that range from city streets to the great outdoors where you’ll encounter mountains, forests, swamps, valleys, rivers and plains. 

There is an extraordinary amount of detail to Battlefield 2 environments – and they are totally destructible. It’s possible to use parts of the environment for cover but if the enemy is aiming some huge artillery in your direction you may not be safe for long.

Tanks and aircraft can really do some damage to the enemy. Tanks can shoot smoke bombs which can confuse incoming missiles while choppers and fighter planes can launch guided missiles. Anti tank and anti aircraft units are at the ready to defend against these attacks.

With tons of detail from the destructible environments to the animated mechanized gears on background machinery you’re going to need a fairly robust computer with a new 3D card if you want to see everything. The animation is smooth and the sound effects are top shelf. 

Final Thoughts

All of these enhancements will certainly make the game more appealing for those who enjoy playing online with a lot of people. Orders and assignments will be easy to give and see. However, it will test gamer’s abilities to play as a team. Regardless of team size or gameplay mode, Battlefield 2 is a video game worth diving into. 

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