Bethesda Loses Fallout Online Lawsuit

Bethesda Loses Fallout Online Lawsuit


Bethesda’s legal team must be one of the most overworked groups of people on earth. Unfortunately for them, they’re on a bit of a losing streak these days.

Their latest loss comes at the hands of Interplay, who sold the Fallout franchise to Bethesda in 2007. But the title was then licensed back to Interplay in 2008 for the upcoming Fallout Online. Confusing? Why do you think they need a team of overworked lawyers?

Well, apparently Bethesda is easily angered, because they promptly sued Interplay for utilizing Fallout’s characters locations, storylines, etc. Yes. You read that correctly; Bethesda licensed Fallout to Interplay and then sued them for making a Fallout game.

It looks like I’m not the only person who thinks that this is ridiculous; Bethesda’s lawsuit was shot down by the United States Court of Appeals this week. The court ruled that Bethesda “failed to establish a likelihood of irreparable harm” to the Fallout brand.

The whole debacle is far from over, however. The two developers still have to mend the relationship enough for Interplay to have the legal ability to release Fallout Online. Interplay still requires Bethesda’s “express permission” in order to get the game on the market.

So don’t expect to be playing Fallout Online any time soon.

By Josh Engen

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