CheatCC’s Cody Awards 2013: The Best Sound Winner!

CheatCC’s Cody Awards 2013: The Best Sound Winner!

Best Sound Winner 2013

When a game is nominated for best sound and wins, you have to wonder exactly what it was that set it apart from its competitors. In the case of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch , we have to point to the absolutely epic score. Written by Joe Hisaishi and Rei Kondoh, the pieces are performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Not to take anything away from the other sound elements of Ni no Kuni , but the in-game music is where this title absolutely shines.

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The Last of Us

It might seem strange, but what you don’t hear with The Last of Us is one of the reasons it makes it into this year’s awards. Naughty Dog’s minimalist approach is spot on, as the ambiance it creates in some scenes is almost deafening. At times, the silence builds tension in a way that the same old survival horror soundtrack could not. Although, the score itself (when present) is no slouch either.

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