CheatCC’s 2015 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

CheatCC’s 2015 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

CheatCC’s 2015 Holiday Buyer’s Guide


Sumo Sultan and Titan Lounge

Are you a Titan or a Sultan ? It doesn’t matter, because either way you’re sitting in style with Sumo. These beanbag chairs aren’t like those flimsy, gimmicky ones you grabbed at Walmart when you were 10 and grudgingly threw away when you become an adult. Sumo’s bean bag chairs are made of suede or corduroy, with the Sultan being 60″ x 60″ x 38″ and the Titan at 7′ x 3′. They never go flat, due to being filled with polyurethane foam, and their covers are removable and washable, so they’ll never develop some unholy funk. The biggest bean bags are something you’ll be proud to have in your living room.


High Definition Camera Drone

Everybody is talking about and playing with drones. You can fly them for fun, run your own fake deliveries or, in the case of the High Definition Camera Drone, use it to take videos. Ever wanted to play spy? You could do it with a drone! See nature without doing a lot of walking? Send the drone in your place. You could even use the a camera drone to capture footage for a movie. Since it accepts a 2GB microSD card and takes HD footage with 1280×720 pixel pictures and 720p video, you could end up with high quality pieces of art from every flight.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control

Set phasers to “fun,” folks, because you’re about to find the best way to control your TV. There exists in this world a 100% accurate, true to the original Star Trek , Phaser Universal Remote. It’s compatible with all equipment that uses infrared remotes, so your TV, DVD and Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and stereos can be controlled with phaser fire. Set-up is even simple, since there are voice prompts to talk you through it.

The little things really make it shine. You actually see multicolor light beams and hear series-accurate sound effects when you use it. Motion controls also help get everything under your control. It even comes with a magnetic display! Be the captain of your living room.

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