Esperanto Poised to Save Gaming*

Esperanto Poised to Save Gaming*


In the very near future video games may be speaking in different tongues. The Consortium of Worldwide Gaming (CWG) has decreed that within two years all video games will be in Esperanto, a universal language created more than 100 years ago.

Due to the worldwide recession, sales of video games have been in a steady decline. In an effort to avoid the disastrous gaming crash of the 80s, the largest gaming producers are seriously considering adopting Esperanto as the official language of video games. The cost savings of using one language for all games would ensure the optimum quality could be maintained. According to reports from the CWG, Esperanto is an easy language to learn, and game enthusiasts are at an advantage with their highly developed learning skills.

Esperanto was developed in 1877 to provide the world with one unified language. Although it could be described as a blend of Russian and Spanish, it’s not based on any particular language. It uses phonetic spelling with an easy grammatical system with approximately 9,000 word roots. There are more than 2 million people that speak Esperanto. There are millions of Esperanto websites, thousands of Esperanto publications, and even a movie made entirely in Esperanto starring William Shatner.

“We are very confident that Esperanto will save the future of gaming,” claims CWG member Lex Econ. “To have the gaming world communicating in one language will be revolutionary. The game will not just be voiced in Esperanto, but the programming codes will also be in Esperanto. This will result in astronomical savings, money which can be put back into game development,” Econ says. “Imagine being able to successfully communicate with other online gamers from Japan, India, Africa, and Bali? Esperanto is single-handedly going to smash the language barrier,” Econ states.

The CWG maintains that it will take the average gamer about a month to get the hang of the new language. The organization claims that gamers will have no choice but to learn it or give up gaming altogether. Esperanto tutorials are in development to help gamers ease into the new language. It’s even been suggested that third-party developers would be able to offer translated versions of Esperanto games in any given language, but at incredible expense to the consumer.

So get busy and start studying Esperanto. You don’t want to be left behind in the gaming world. Dankon pro legado kaj memori kiuj ĉiuj estas bone ke fin bone, stulta!

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