Fan-made Wishlist for Pokémon Z Appears Online

Fan-made Wishlist for Pokémon Z Appears Online

As reported by Korean drama and entertainment news website KDramaStars on Saturday, June 21, a fan-made wishlist for a spin-off addition to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y , aptly entitled “ Pokémon Z ”, has cropped up online, detailing exactly what Pokémon fans want to see in game should it actually be a thing.

While it has been a long while since a third addition to a generation of Pokémon games has been developed, the last official one being Pokémon Platinum back in fourth-gen, it’s doubtful that Nintendo would develop a third game to the sixth generation of pokémon games, as it is already working on the third-gen remakes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire .

Nonetheless, according to KDramaStars, some pokémon fans already believe that Pokémon Z is already under development, and have so created a wishlist in the hopes that Nintendo will listen and implement said wishes.

The wishlist has been detailed below, courtesy of KDramaStars.

  • They would like to see more evolutions;

  • They want more tutors in the game;

  • They think that the difficulty setting should be adjustable;

  • A good reason for levelling up in Pokemon to level 100;

  • They want the shopping plaza from Black and White 2 ;

  • The want the VS Seeker tool to return;

  • Better ways of being able to catch legendary Pokemon;

  • Pokemon contests like the ones from P okemon Ruby , Sapphire and Emerald ; and

  • A story line post game that would justify having to complete the Pokedex and breeding them.

We’ll bring you more information on the phantom Pokémon Z should further details reach our ears.

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