Google’s “Cloud Save” Syncs Games and Apps Across Android and iOS

Google’s “Cloud Save” Syncs Games and Apps Across Android and iOS

During Google’s I/O 2014 keynote on Wednesday, June 25, the company announced a handful of useful Cloud-based services that’ll allow for app developers to backup and monitor their apps and integrate database analytics into their code.

As reported by Ars Technica on the same day, Google revealed five new services that’ll utilize the Cloud: Cloud Save, Cloud Debugger, Cloud Tracing, Could monitoring and Cloud Dataflow.

One of the services, Cloud Save, will allow for mobile games to play on different operating systems by syncing the game’s data to the Cloud and then transferring said data to the game on whichever device it happens to be played on.

If you have a game that runs on Android, iOS, and the Web, you can use the Cloud Save service to allow a user to start a game on their Android phone and then continue playing on a tablet, iOS device, or Web browser without losing any of their progress, ” Google said during its keynote. ” This service can also be used to ensure that a user’s gameplay continues from where it left off, even if their device is lost, destroyed, or traded in for a newer model.

According to Ars Technica, app developers will also be able to use Cloud Save to store and save their app’s data on Google’s servers, regardless of what platform said app is developed for. This’ll enable developers to synchronize user data without having to implement extra server code.

“Your application can retrieve and update this user data from Android devices, iOS devices, or Web applications by using the Cloud Save APIs, ” Google added.

You can read Ars Technica’s full article on Google’s Cloud Save via the source link below.

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