Hitman: Absolution Going Multiplayer?

Hitman: Absolution Going Multiplayer?


Square Enix has released a pair of Hitman Absolution teaser images for its E3 trailer that goes live tomorrow.

A group of women with guns is shown, with the word “Tease” plastered in the background. It seems that the image hints at the fact that we’re going to see the first glimpse of a multiplayer mode for Hitman Absolution, which is an element that developer IO Interactive has teased in the past.

To add further credibility to the possibility of multiplayer being shown, another image has been teased by Square Enix showing off nuns with weapons:

The trailer itself will be released tomorrow at 1 PM BST.

Hitman Absolution is due for a worldwide release on November 20th on consoles and PC.

By Zak Islam

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