Hot Coffee Mod Discovered Last October, Why the Wait?

Hot Coffee Mod Discovered Last October, Why the Wait?


Game Politics has published an exclusive conversation they had with a member of the GTA mod community. In the conversation, the modder revealed that they had originally discovered the Hot Coffee mod of GTA: SA on the PlayStation 2 version of the game. Unfortunately for Rockstar, the modders decided not to reveal this until after the PC version of the game came out, therefore maximizing Rockstar’s losses. Here is the conversation between GP and “illspirit”, member of the GTA mod community.

Our dialogue with “illy” began when we asked him if there had been any pre-PC rumors of the existence of Hot Coffee.

“Nah, there weren’t really any rumors of it, per se.” he replied. “One of the guys working on a mission editor tool stumbled across part of it by chance while updating the new command/variable parameters from the PS2 version.”

So, was this a closely-guarded secret?

“Only a handful of people knew about it, and we just prodded and experimented until we figured out what it was. We also decided to keep it under wraps until the PC version came out. Partly because we figured nobody would believe us. And partly because if anyone else knew it was there, someone might have released a similar mod before we could. ;)”

The close-knit GTA mod community was also trying to decide what to do about Hot Coffee based on what they speculated Rockstar might have in mind for the sex mini-game.

“I also thought Rockstar might either A: Actually finish the code and ship it in the PC version as a bonus feature; which means we’d have spoiled the surprise. Or B: that they might remove the leftovers while optimizing and fixing bugs for the new version, which would have made it look like a hoax for page hits or something.”

illspirit reports that the mod community wasn’t shocked by the graphic sex scenes contained in Hot Coffee.

“At any rate, the rest of the mod scene was rather surprised when Patrick released it, so I don’t think anyone else even thought it was there. Although not many people (in the scene) are really shocked or surprised that Rockstar was working on it. Vice City had missions involving a porn studio with cutscenes showing people wearing less clothes than Hot Coffee while filming a porn, so to most who have been playing the series for a while, hot coffee seems like a natural progression. Especially considering all the other simulation flavored aspects they added to San Andreas.”

A second knowledgeable GTA mod community source has confirmed illspirit’s version of events.

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