Hot New Backwards Compatible Titles for Xbox One

Hot New Backwards Compatible Titles for Xbox One

Forget the work Christmas Party this weekend; cancel your plans with your loved ones; forget Destiny and take Halo 5 out of the tray. You won’t need any of that garbage, because this weekend, you’re playing Doritos Crash Course. It finally happened! Microsoft revealed a fresh batch of 360 games today that are now available as backward compatible titles on your Xbox One and the diamond in the rough (to coin a phrase) is – obviously – Doritos Crash Course.

A few more games are coming as well, if you’re interested. Portal, Halo: Reach, and Fable 3 not least among them. You can find the full list here:

·         Braid


·         Doritos Crash Course

·         Fable III

·         Halo: Reach

·         Hydro Thunder

·         Iron Brigade

·         Kane & Lynch 2

·         Motocross Madness

·         MS.PAC-MAN

·         Peggle

·         Portal: Still Alive

·         Spelunky

·         Splosion Man

·         Ticket to Ride™

·         Zuma’s Revenge!

I can highly recommend Braid and Peggle , but Ticket to Ride is much better as a board game.

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