7 Incredible Facts About Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Everyone Forgets

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7 Incredible Facts About Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Everyone Forgets

Being a direct sequel to Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon Black and White 2 has a variety of secrets and hidden trivia that not a lot of people know about. Be it content that didn’t make it to the final release, or just facts that never saw the light of day.

With this in mind, let’s cover the basics once again. Pokemon Black and White 2 is the rare gem in the Pokemon franchise. Being a direct sequel rather than a generation gap or a re-release, Black and White 2 takes players on a journey across the expanded Unova region, with new player characters, and new features to try out!

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But we’re not talking about the main game, no. Here, we’re discussing the often-forgotten facts and trivia that tends to sip in between the cracks.

So, here are seven incredible facts about Pokemon Black and White 2 everyone forgets.

7. Alder is ready for a Pokemon battle.

Pokemon Alder Unova Champ

The previous champion of the Unova region, the lion-man man known as Alder, can be found in this game! You can find him in Floccesy Town after you’ve beaten the main game. Making him a great post-game challenge for anyone looking for a bit of extra content.

6. Game Freak Trainers

Ever wanted a chance to battle the developers of the Pokemon games? Well, aside from barging into their home and challenging them there, you can fight several of the Game Freak trainers in this game! All the fun of fighting the developers without the risk of getting arrested.

The Game Freak Trainers, Morimoto, and Nishnito can be found in the Game Freak building, which itself is located in Castelia City. Be warned before taking them on though, as they have strong teams. Morimoto has a team of elemental monkies, and Nishnito comes at you with a team of Pokemon from the previous generations. Both fighters give a heft reward upon winning, so challenging them is always a good idea! Unless you lose.

5. Route 10 still exists.

An in-game screenshot from Pokemon Black Version 2.

©Screenshot from Pokemon Black Version 2.

In Black and White 1, Route 10 was an often-used route to connect Victory Road and Opeelucid City, and on that route, the player could expect to encounter all kinds of Pokemon, though they were mainly grass types. Swak and Rufflet were common sights on this road.

But in the sequel, the Route had suffered a landslide in the two-year time skip between games. As a result, it was blocked off from the player, and they were unable to explore it. However, with hacking, it is possible to still explore the route itself. Though, strangely, the Route 6 music plays. If a player wants the proper Route 10 music, then they have to visit a certain house in Icirrus City.

4. Fan favorite Pokemon Master Cynthia is in the game.

Cynthia, being one of the most popular Elite Four champions from the first game, makes a return in this game. Though, despite her noble appearance, and, indeed, presence, she is as easy to miss as any other NPC. She can be found in Undella town after the main story has been completed. Meaning that the player will likely miss her.

That said, she is still available for a challenge, but she still reigns as one of the strongest trainers that the player can meet. Given that she still has Garchomp and Luricaro, both of whom are rather strong. So, feel free to challenge her, but be ready for a beating.

3. Fog was going to be an in-game battle type.

Each Pokemon has abilities that can alter the weather, giving either beneficial or malevolent effects depending on the circumstances. This can range from sunny days to rainy days, and so on. Fog, however, was considered. However, only a few strings of data support this, so it is unknown just what this weather would have on the Pokemon battles.

2. The previous Pokemon player characters were going to have a cameo.

An in-game screenshot from Pokemon Black Version 2.
Choose your own destiny in Pokemon Black Version 2.

©Screenshot from Pokemon Black Version 2.

The previous player characters, Hilda and Hilbert, were staged to be seen at a certain point in the game. That point is, that they have data and lines for the Pokemon World tournament, implying they were meant to interact with the player at that point. On that note, should you have a save of Black and White 1, the NPCS will start mentioning the Previous Player Character by name. You also get Musical Props, depending on how many you get in the first game.

You can also battle Cheren’s and Bianaca’s original teams from Black and White 1 if you have an old save bonus.

1. The Shadow Triad had its character art.

Every Pokemon game has its little quirks and hidden gems. However, it is rare for them to have artwork that is hard to find. As a rule, it is common to find all sorts of concept art and behind-the-scenes details. But it is rarer for those arts to be made for common mooks. Even more so for them to have individual looks.
The Shadow Triad, the high-ranking members of Team Plasma, each had individual designs for each of the three. While they did look similar, they did not look like someone copied and pasted each of them.

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