Keiji Inafune Works On Mystery Romance Game

Keiji Inafune Works On Mystery Romance Game


Keiji Inafune, the “father of Mega Man” and former Producer at Capcom, left the company to form Comcept, a company that focuses more on social games and indie titles. However, Inafune isn’t limiting his work to Comcept alone. Famitsu revealed that Inafune is actually working with Idea Factory on a game called “Bakudan Handan” which translated to English as “Bomb Judgement.”

It’s a dating game…

Player will take the role of a female main character to explore an amusement park that is currently locked down in a bomb threat by a terrorist wearing a bear suit. Along the way, they will have opportunities to flirt and explore romantic possibilities with other characters in the game. You’d think there were more important things to be worrying about in the middle of a bomb threat.

Inafune will be developing the games environments, including the theme park, himself. He will also make a cameo in the game as the main character’s uncle, and will provide helpful hints over the course of the game.

Hey, if this is what makes Inafune happy, more power to him.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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