Konami Can’t Be Saved by Metal Gear Solid V

Konami Can’t Be Saved by Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V is about to come out, and fans everywhere are excited. This is the next big chapter in the saga of Metal Gear , starring Snake, and Konami is trying to get fans to drool all over it.

Except, as much as we are excited to play Metal Gear Solid V, it’s not going to save Konami. Unless you were living under a rock for the last few months, you probably heard of the horrible falling out Konami and Hideo Kojima had, which not only effected Metal Gear, but also ended up making Konami cancel their Silent Hills project, and boot Guillermo Del Toro with it.

Shortly after this happened, fans asked, “what franchises does Konami have left over?” The answer was, unfortunately not many. Konami had Pro Evolution Soccer and, well, that’s pretty much it. Every other major franchise they had has somehow gone down the tubes.

This is where Konami is looking to finally save its ass. It has created a brand new site called the Konami Heritage Survey . The purpose? To try and figure out what the hell fans actually liked about Konami in the first place.

The survey is very, very thorough. First, it asks you what Konami titles you are aware of. The list is huge and includes titles like Parodius, Sunset Riders, and Vandal Hearts. Then, it asks you which ones you have played, and which ones you liked. Then, it gets far more complicated. The survey starts asking you what about the game you liked, and what, if the game series was brought back, you would absolutely need to see.

This is awesome! Konami is basically admitting that they no longer know what made their old games fun, so they are letting their fans tell them! I, for example, said that Castlevania needed to be 2D, that Suikoden needed a ton of characters to recruit, that Zone of the Enders needed to be incredibly fast and pretty, and that Contra had to be mind-numbingly hard.

Konami Can’t Be Saved by Metal Gear Solid V

The survey will take you probably around a half hour to complete, but Konami is making it worth your while. Anyone who completes the survey will be entered into a giveaway for Amazon retail vouchers. The vouchers will be worth two hundred dollars each. So if you help Konami, you may have just bought yourself a ticket to half of the price of a brand new video game console.

Metal Gear Solid V will not save Konami. Kojima said that he was looking to end the Metal Gear franchise, and Konami said no, and that’s what started the fallout. But now that fans know that MGS V is Kojima’s swan song, Konami appears to have had its “come to Jesus” moment, and knows that it cannot simply milk Kojima’s talent anymore. Instead, it is doing what most AAA companies should have done a long time ago, return to their older properties and ask fans what they want.

What do you think? What do you want to see Konami resurrect?

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