LIVD for PC to Allow Gamers to Play with the Undead?*

LIVD for PC to Allow Gamers to Play with the Undead?*


Don’t play with your food and don’t play with the dead. These old adages have stood in the way of a good time for generations. With the invention of Mr. Potato Head we’ve learned that playing with your food can be fun. And now with the release of LIVD (LIving Versus Dead), you can have a blast playing with the dead as well.

Imagine a virtually unlimited supply of online companions to compete against, or play cooperatively with on your favorite video games. LIVD will be able to put you in contact with the dearly departed who are eager to make contact with the living here on Earth. This technological breakthrough was made possible through the research and tireless efforts of a team of game developers, psychics and black magic practitioners, not to mention the dead themselves. Simply install the game on your laptop or PC, (Windows is the preferred medium of the dead) and follow the instructions. In no time you’ll have made contact with the Other Side, where you’ll have millions of potential gaming partners to choose from.

“This is great,” exclaims teenage gamer Brendylan Tamberloin, “I can play multiplayer online anytime with any game. These dead people are deadly. They have an eternity to practice and get good. The cavemen and the Vikings aren’t very good but those gunned down gang bangers are really tough to beat,” Tamberloin concludes.

The technology behind LIVD is based on the famous Ouija board, a device that allows for contact with spirits for those that possess such sensitive psychic powers. LIVD does not require any special paranormal abilities, just a click of the mouse. Contact with the other side was established a few years ago using the internet. This breakthrough was due to the recent deaths of highly skilled, technically-minded souls that were able to work together in the afterlife to solve this age-old problem.

“There’s been some great minds that have passed over, such as Einstein and Beethoven, but what the hell did these guys know about computers?” asks LIVD developers Giffy Tard. “Now that there are some computer programmers and broadcast technicians up there, we were able to create a network of the minds and finally break through to the other side. The groundwork was already laid by the Ouija board, we just took it to the next level,” Tard adds.

According to the creators of LIVD, the instructions for safe operation must be followed to the letter.

“We’re dealing with the afterlife here, and that could mean dealing with some undesirables such as demons, witches, poltergeists, and farmers. As long as you stay inside the supplied pentagram and don’t alter the password, you’ll be okay,” warns Tard. “Failure to comply will void the warranty, and we are not liable for your soul after that.”

When asked if this revolutionary communication with the afterlife should not be relegated to more import issues such as ending wars and world hunger, Tard replied, “What’s more important than gaming?”

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