Microsoft and Sony Steadily Bringing Servers Back Online

Microsoft and Sony Steadily Bringing Servers Back Online

Both Microsoft and Sony have been receiving the brunt of seemingly continuous network difficulties over the holidays, with a hacker group going by the name of Lizard Squad claiming responsibility.

Over the past week, the two giants have been struggling to bring their servers back online following the cyber attack. Over last weekend, however, Microsoft has managed to restore the majority of Xbox LIVE’s functionalities on the Xbox One, but a couple of apps still remain in flux, and it may still be difficult to manage your friends list and track what your friends are currently doing on their consoles.

Sony, on the other hand, hasn’t had such similar luck. For a time, the company was still receiving reports that PlayStation users were experiencing connection issues to the PlayStation Network. The company claims it has since managed to get its servers back online.

With regard to those still reporting issues, Sony has posted up instructions on how those affected may troubleshoot their connectivity problems.

So far, a link between the Sony Pictures and the PlayStation Network attacks has yet to be confirmed.

As well as being upset with both Microsoft and Sony taking so long to restore their servers over Christmas, consumers are reportedly just as upset with Liquid Squad over the cyber attack. Many families were unable to sign into their respective console services during Christmas and the days thereafter.

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[ Via: BBC ]

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