New details revealed for the Next Doom

New details revealed for the Next Doom

As put together by IGN on Saturday, July 19, more details have been revealed regarding the next addition to the Doom series, which was announced at this year’s Quakecon in Dallas, Texas.

Though no recording was allowed during the time when the following information was revealed, several new features were announced during a 20-minute gameplay demo of the game. The features that were announced have been detailed below, courtesy of IGN.

  • Fast-paced returns from older Doom titles, more focus on run-and-gun playstyle rather than taking cover. Sprinting, double-jumping and mantling are all possible.

  • The game is set outside a massive UAC research facility on Mars as it’s being invaded by the forces of Hell.

  • Classic enemies return, like the Hellknights, Cyberdemons, Revenants, Mancubii, and more. Enemies can teleport in for old-school style ambushes

  • Original Doom weapons are confirmed, including the fan-favorite double-barrell shotgun. Plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and the chainsaw. Some weapons have alternate fire modes. The combat shotgun can be charged up for multiple blasts.

  • The game is powered by IdTech 6, and will be for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. They are ” committed ” to 1080P at 60 frames-per-second.

  • Close range executions have been added, including special ones for dropping down on enemies from above. This also applies to player deaths, resulting in Dead Space styled fatality sequences.

  • Old school mechanics are back. No reloading clips, weapon limits, or regenerating health. Ammo and health kits are in pick-up form once more.

While the Beta for Doom was touched on, no further specifics were revealed as to when it’ll go live. We reported back in February that if you chose to pre-order Machine Games’ Wolfenstein: The New Order , you’d receive access to Doom’s Beta .

We’ll bring you more news on the next Doom should further information reach our ears. You can view the game’s teaser trailer via the embedded video below.

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