New Info Revealed for 2D Dragon Ball Z Fighter

New Info Revealed for 2D Dragon Ball Z Fighter

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden , the new 2D Dragon Ball Z fighter from Arc System Works, has just gotten its first batch of screenshots revealed, along with a bunch of interesting tidbits about how each character will play.

Goku was the first character to be revealed. As the main character, he operates kind of like the Ryu of the game, with decent speed and strength. Goku can use the Kaio-ken to increase his power and speed temporarily, and aid him in creating interesting combos. He also has access to the Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb, two projectile attacks with a variety of different uses.

Vegeta, everyone’s fan favorite, focuses on speed and trickery over outright offense. His projectiles, the Final Flash and Galick Gun, move in interesting ways, allowing you to catch enemies off guard. He also has many different interesting methods of movement which will allow him to sandwich his opponent between his own projectiles and combo off them.

Teen Gohan is a purely speed oriented character. His projectiles are fast but weak, and his combos are short. However, he can attack out of dashes and can keep the opponent on their toes through runaway when times get tough.

Finally, Future Trunks is a mid-range fighter, as he has access to his sword with a lot of reach. Trunks has access to attacks that allow him to close the distance between him and his opponents, making him a very effective anti-zoner. His projectile attacks are best used when close up to do maximum damage.

We will continue to bring you more information about Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden as we get closer to its summer release. Until then, check out pictures of these characters in action over at the game’s official website.

Source: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

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