New Minecraft XBLA Update Arrives

New Minecraft XBLA Update Arrives


A new patch for the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft has arrived today. This new patch addresses several bugs that have been plaguing Xbox Minecraft ever since it hit Xbox 360.

Some of these bugs are interface related, including errors in the leaderboards, crashes while saving, and random backouts to the main menu when trying to post a screenshot to Facebook.

On the other hand, some were gameplay related, and some of these have been fixed too. Players can no longer stand on sugarcane, and can now place water around spawn locations. Errors in the way clay was generated have also been fixed.

The patch also adds a few new features like auto save, enhanced sensitivity controls, tooltip toggles, and more, bringing the Xbox version one step closer to the PC version.

Unfortunately, the Adventure Update is still a long way away. The Xbox will pretty much always be a couple steps behind the PC version, if only because it takes real work to get a PC game to run on the Xbox architecture, especially when complying with all of Microsoft’s standards.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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