Roblox Glitches: Exploring Hidden Dimensions in the Roblox Universe

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Roblox Glitches: Exploring Hidden Dimensions in the Roblox Universe

Roblox is one of the biggest names in the video game industry, for better or for worse. The title serves as a game creation engine, allowing fans of all ages to build their own experiences and share them with other players around the world. The game is an absolute phenomenon. In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced people into their homes, Roblox’s popularity soared. As of that year, it was reported that over half of all American children under 16 years old are now playing it. This meteoric rise to the top did not come without controversy, however. It’s been alleged that Roblox owes part of its financial success to exploiting the user base who makes games for them.

But in spite of all the controversy, Roblox still plays host to some exceptionally enjoyable games. With millions of players worldwide putting together their own unique creations, there’s a virtually limitless supply of games for you to try. Of course, with a title this big, that relies on amateur creators for so much of its content, there’s bound to be slip ups from time to time. Bugs and glitches can be very common in Roblox, for better or worse. Sometimes these glitches can absolutely ruin a game for all involved, even crashing the experience entirely. But some glitches are more beneficial. Here are some of the best glitches you can use to get an edge in some of the most popular Roblox games.

Roblox Bloxburg Glitches

One of the more popular games in Roblox is Bloxburg. This is essentially a life simulator; Bloxburg players can start a new life for themselves in a simulated city, build their own home, start a job, and connect with other players. True to real life, however, in order to succeed in Bloxburg you need money. There are a few ways to get rich quick by cheating the game. That said, since this is a multiplayer experience, the moderators do not take kindly to such exploits. If you’re serious about using these cheats, make sure they haven’t been patched out. And be careful about it, as such cheats are liable to get you banned if you’re caught.

One of the best ways to earn money fast in Bloxburg is with pumpkin carving. This glitch only works for a limited time, as the pumpkins are only available seasonally. If you can get your hands on one, place it in your home and carve it into a jack-o-lantern. Then go into build mode and delete the pumpkin. This should net you a higher payout than the cost of the uncarved pumpkin. As long as the event lasts, you can repeat this trick with new pumpkins. Another trick can save you money on building costs. If you place a regular wall and put a hole in it, you’ll be able to edit that wall at a much lower cost than buying whole, unedited walls from scratch.

Roblox Jailbreak Glitches

Another popular Roblox game is Jailbreak, which takes heavy inspiration from Grand Theft Auto. This open-world experience lets players team up to plan heists or join the side of law enforcement and catch criminals. Like Bloxburg, Jailbreak is an online multiplayer experience, so exploiting glitches can be a bannable offense. That said, there are still a few you can try if you’re bold about it. One glitch lets you clip through walls if you equip a shotgun. Just stand next to a wall and look up while rotating your character left and right. Keep the camera halfway between first and third-person. The glitch works best on laggy servers.

A more minor trick allows you to keep a riot shield when you play as a prisoner. Just remember your cell location, then switch to the cop role. Obtain a riot shield, place it in the drawer of your cell, then switch back to the prisoner role and freely equip the shield. If you’re low on health, another glitch allows you to completely restore your HP with a donut. Just spam click while you’re eating it, and you should be restored to full health instead of the normal 20% restoration rate. One of the most potentially dangerous glitches, however, is one that allows you to become completely invisible. Simply acquire a glider and a weapon and rapidly spam the two items while jumping. When you hit the ground, you’ll glitch into the earth. Then simply equip a weapon and walk out and you should be invisible.

General Roblox Glitches

There are a few glitches that work regardless of which Roblox game you’re playing. Any game that uses the R6 walking animation is susceptible to a glitch that lets you clip through walls, for instance. Just type in the command for the laughing animation, “/e laugh,” walk up to the wall, and then play the animation. While it plays, you should be able to walk through the wall. There is also a wall climbing glitch that can be used on any wall that’s made out of different materials. Simply walk up to the wall and hold the W key while flicking the mouse back and forth. This glitch was patched in 2015, but at a later date, a change to the code somehow brought it back. If you want to attempt it yourself, make sure you pay attention to the history, in case it’s been patched out again.

Other movement-based glitches include a high jump, which you can use to clear tall obstacles. While jumping, just hold right click at the top of your screen to jump much higher than you usually can. Press shift at the top of the wall to make sure your landing is clean, and you’ll find yourself capable of getting into all sorts of places you weren’t supposed to go. Likewise, games with R6 animations are susceptible to a speed glitch. As long as your character is wearing at least one accessory, typing “/e dance2” will allow you to temporarily move 20% faster. This momentum is carried through into jumps as well, allowing you to clear larger gaps than you would otherwise be able to.

The Future of Roblox

Roblox key art

One of the things that made Roblox’s popularity soar in 2020 was the introduction of virtual events. This tradition was popularized by Fortnite, which started hosting online concerts in video game lobbies. Roblox picked up the trend, and is now hosting sponsored events in specially-built worlds to entertain players. Just recently, NASCAR took advantage of this sort of event by hosting the Phoenix Speed Hub, a racing-themed Roblox zone designed to honor the 75th anniversary of the company. In October, Roblox officially launched for PlayStation as well, allowing more fans to enjoy the game and build their own experiences.

As mentioned, however, the game is not without controversy. Given its predominantly young audience, there has been concern over user-generated content that is inappropriate for children. The conflict in Gaza has also led many users to stage in-game protests in Roblox, using this admittedly unconventional platform to spread awareness of a contentious issue. As time goes on, Roblox is sure to develop in many other ways. Users will keep building new experiences, and as with any online community, controversies will surely continue to surface. As long as its users keep putting out engaging games like this, however, Roblox will likely remain popular. And if you want to experience these beloved titles for yourself, hopefully these glitches will help you get a leg up on the competition. Just keep an eye out for moderators.

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