Rumor: Sunset Overdrive to Release on PC, Too?

Rumor: Sunset Overdrive to Release on PC, Too?

It’s curious how–with literally days before its release on Microsoft’s Xbox One–a recent rumor regarding Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive has cropped up with the suggestion that the game might also be releasing on PC, which would throw everyone a curveball, as it has already been established that the game would be an Xbox One exclusive .

Nonetheless, NeoGAF user “Lucifon” reports seeing an ad stating that the colorfully third-person shooter would be releasing exclusively on “ Xbox One and PC.

However, Lucifon then edited their original post soon after, as it was later announced by Mike Ybarra, Microsoft’s studio manager, that the Xbox One-PC ad for Sunset Overdrive isn’t true, saying that it was a “ simple mistake, ” and that the team are aware of it and are currently addressing it.

On the Sunset Xbox/PC ad: Not true, this was a simple mistake and the team is aware/addressing. Sorry for any confusion! ” Ybarra said via his official Twitter account .

With that being said, the ad in question looks pretty well made for something that’s seemingly a mistake. Then again, a lot can be done these days with Adobe Flash, HTML 5 and Photoshop. For the mean time, it would probably best to keep assuming that Sunset Overdrive will release on the Xbox One until notified otherwise from official sources.

Sunset Overdrive is slated to release on Tuesday, October 28 in North America and on Friday, October 31 in Europe for Xbox One. We’ll bring you more news on the game should further information reach our ears.

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