Rumors of Rock Band’s Return Are Premature Says Harmonix

Rumors of Rock Band’s Return Are Premature Says Harmonix

It’s only the very first day of PAX East 2014 in Boston, and already we’re getting a whirlwind of rumors and speculation!

During their keynote speech, it is reported that Harmonix mentioned the possibility of reviving its hit franchise Rock Band , after CEO Alex Rigopulos said it (and Dance Central) were “near and dear” to them. He also punctuated the sentiment (and simultaneously kicked the rumor mill into high gear) by stating we WOULD see a return of the games at some point in the next-gen.

Naturally, the Internets took this off-hand remark (one that was never intended to signify any immediate plans) and set ablaze blogs and forum posts with people gearing up for its return as if it were ready for release tomorrow.

This prompted the following tweet from Director of Publishing and PR John Drake (effectively bursting many rock-bubbles):

People writing that “HARMONIX IS BRINGING ROCK BAND BACK” as a takeaway from this talk are pretty willfully misrepresenting what was said.

— johntdrake (@johntdrake) April 11, 2014

While some may be disappointed with the news, we need to stop and consider it for just a moment. Do we really want a new Rock Band in its previous form brought to the next-gen consoles?

Tune in Monday as I highlight why that may not be such a great idea in the first place.

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