Sam & Max Season One for Wii Now Shipping to Retail in North America

Sam & Max Season One for Wii Now Shipping to Retail in North America


The canine shamus and “rabbity-thing” sidekick will cost you $30; Europeans can expect the title in November.

Press Release:

October 14, 2008 – For the first time in twenty years of patrolling the sticky New York City streets in comic books, video games, and a Saturday morning cartoon, this week marks the first appearance of Sam & Max (also known as the Freelance Police) on a gaming console. Telltale and The Adventure Company are pleased to announce that the irreverent dog and rabbit crime-fighting team are descending into living rooms with the release of Sam & Max Season One for Wii, which is now shipping to retail stores across North America. Distribution in Europe will follow in November.

Sam & Max Season One is modeled after a television series. Each of the six game episodes on the disc has a self-contained storyline that feeds into an overarching season-wide arc, with comedic sensibilities akin to popular animated series such as The Family Guy and The Simpsons. The games play like interactive sit-coms, with the player collecting clues, interrogating a bizarre supporting cast of characters, and ultimately unraveling the overarching hypnosis conspiracy that spans the six episodes.

Sam & Max Season One has been critically acclaimed and has won numerous awards, including Adventure Game of the Year from IGN, GameSpy, and PC Gamer. The series is known for its rich engaging environments and cinematic camerawork, which have been enhanced by widescreen support which has been added to Sam & Max Season One for Wii. Enhancements to the game’s point and click interface and the in-game tutorial makes the Wii version easily accessible even to more casual audiences.

Sam & Max Season One for Wii is rated Teen by the ESRB and retails for $29.99 (US). The title can be found in major North American retail stores including GameStop, Fred Meyer, Hollywood Video, Hastings, and Micro Center, and online at Gamestop.com, Amazon.com, and Telltalegames.com. Additional details about European availability will be announced soon.

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