Sky: Children of the Light Cheats & Cheat Codes

Two characters watching an island in Sky.

Sky: Children of the Light Cheats & Cheat Codes

Sky: Children of Light is an app game here to delight all fans of mystical journey, which isn’t surprising. Creator Thatgamecompany won awards for its previous game Journey. The same soothing, ethereal elements are present here, except in a vast skyscape.

The gameplay makes for a relaxing wind-down from whatever had you wound up in the first, a gentle mission filled with discovery and travel. But if you want to make things a little easier, there are some things you should know.

Sky: Children of the Light Summary

Fields and castles in the Sky game.
Frolicking in Sky yields rewards.


Sky: Children of the Light is a comforting, exploration-based mobile game designed to help people relax, have fun with random acquaintances, and generally chill. It continues Thatgamecompany’s focus on very broad goals instead of challenges, although there’s still plenty to do for ambitious gamers. Depending on where you go and how you like to explore, you can find a number of activities to do. That includes seasons and events.

The more you play, the more you can upgrade your exploration abilities, particularly the ability to soar higher and higher. Eventually, you’ll uncover more mystical sky kingdoms and find even more to do. There’s never any pressure, but the sense of discovery helps keep people playing and find new, unexpected friends in other groups. The game’s graphics are designed to be friendly for all, but you can upgrade them if you play on a TV vs. a mobile device.

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The game was originally released on the app store for Apple devices using iOS. It was later released on Android, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. While original plans had it coming to other systems including Xbox consoles and Steam, that didn’t happen (at least not yet). For the best experience, you’ll need to play on one of these compatible mobile devices. The game is cross-compatible between all of them, which helps increase your chance of seeing other players.

Sky: Children of the Light Premise

Capes letting characters fly in Sky.
Your capes give you magical wings to explore Sky.


Sky plops you down (or rather up) in the clouds and lets you loose. You and others like you are surrounded by ancient floating kingdoms. These sky worlds appear abandoned or are waiting for a new population. Your job — if you can call it that — is to travel around, join with your companions if possible, find new locations, then bring light and happiness to the clouds.

Your key gear is a cape that allows you to fly. The more you explore and find, the more powerful your cape becomes, letting you literally reach new heights. The more you congregate with other players, the more easily your cape gets energy back. You can attain new heights if you work as a group, encouraging team-based exploration where possible. A number of events and activities await in Sky, including:

Finding Spirits: There are spirits to discover throughout this magical realm. Finding a spirit unlocks its memories of what these forsaken kingdoms once looked like and could look like again. You then carry the spirit back to its proper temple and let them ascend back into the sky, which gives you rewards like expressions and constellation unlocks. This is the core gameplay loop for new players. It also divides the world into levels or zones, making it easier to explore. Each zone is separated by a victory cutscene.

Using Expressions: Sky has made the emote wheel a central part of gameplay. One of the main activities is unlocking new expressions, using them to communicate with other players, and generally having fun. The reward for getting an expression is typically just using it, but it’s still fun to gather a group and emote together. There are also spells, which are more advanced ways to interact with the world and alter your character in various ways.

Form Special Friendships: You can be casual friends with anyone, but if you want to take a friendship to the next level, you can collect light specks and create candles. If you share a candle with someone else, you get special expressions. You can also form these friendships with the spirits you find. This makes the world a more interesting and vibrant place.

Stamp Out Darkness: Candles don’t just help you make better friendships. You can also use them to disperse elements of darkness, like little crawling bugs or dark plants. This is another way to earn Winged Light and continue leveling up your abilities. But you’ll need to be careful: Some creatures of darkness are too dangerous to tackle, and will quickly end your playthrough.

Find Children of Light: These appear to be glowing echoes of ancient citizens of the Sky. They’re one of the key rewards for exploration, and some are cleverly hidden. Finding Children of Light allows you to collect Winged Light. This is the vital essence that upgrades your flying cape and gives you better soaring time, which allows you to reach more places.

Earn Cosmetics: You can get cosmetics from forging friendships with spirits and similar activities. That allows you to dress up your character the way that you’d like for even better interaction with others.

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Complete Daily Quests: Daily quests are available to help earn candles, which you can then light with others to help upgrade friendships and unlock more stuff. They’re not required, but it does give you something to do.  

Participate in Seasons: Seasons periodically welcome new spirits and special, limited-time expressions and cosmetics to unlock. If you skip a season, you can still sometimes find their special spirits floating across Sky, available to interact with.

In addition to these activities, there’s an element of self-sacrifice and general long-term goals as you fight back the darkness. Saying too much would defeat some of the purpose of exploring and finding new secrets.

Sky: Children of the Light Main Characters

Sky’s emphasis on exploration and environment also means there’s not much of a story at all. Or rather, the story is up to you to put together. You and your friends arrive in this vast sky world with the purpose of once again filling it with life. Along the way you encounter spirits that have vague identities, mostly memories of the past. As a result, they don’t really function as characters.

So, the only main characters are the players. Just what the players are is a topic of frequent discussion. You appear to be a new wave of Children of Light, come to help the denizens of the sky kingdoms and find out what happened to your ancestors, the Elders sent before you. But so much time has passed the old civilizations are largely gone, so now your job is to bring light back to the world and make it habitable again for whoever may come next.

Sky: Children of the Light Titles in the Series

There’s only one Sky game. The creator of the game, however, is responsible for other, similar titles that are spiritual predecessors even if they’re not directly linked. That includes Journey and Flowers. If you absolutely love Sky: Children of Light, you may want to try out these other games, too. They’re simpler versions of a similar theme, very easy to play, and don’t require quite as much contact with other players.

Sky: Children of the Light Cheats and Codes

Players racing downhill in Sky.
Playing with friends in Sky is key.

All right, what kind of cheats does this casual app game have? Not many. In fact, any sites that you find promising cheat codes to Sky: Children of Light are bait, and you should stay away from them to avoid malware and similar problems. There’s no direct patch or input you can use to give yourself free stuff in the game. However, there are a couple of tricks to help make your gameplay smoother and faster.

Use the Store

For a big boost in the game, you can access the Premium Candle Store. That’s the in-game store where you can use real money to buy stuff. In addition to cosmetic purchases, you can also buy candle packs and starter packs that will make progressing easier, especially if you’re first starting. Keep in mind, you can get candles every day just by doing a daily quest, so candle packs are really only necessary if you’re playing a whole lot.

Visit Discord or Similar Communities

Online communities are a way to ask very specifically for help in the game. Because so much of Sky is collaborative in nature, it’s a huge boost to be able to go online and ask for helpful players to meet up and befriend you. You can get lots of hearts and relationship statuses in short order, which can easily speed you through certain parts of the game. This is so common that many people and groups exist to help carry or “uber” your way through friendships if you’re a new player.

Unlock Trophies

If you want to get as many trophies as possible, it’s best to try a lot of different things. Hang out with other players and try to team up with expressions, explore new areas and revisit old ones, and so on. Try all forms of friendship with everyone and everything you meet. Don’t hesitate to rescue fallen players. Eventually, you’ll start piling up those trophies.

Look Up Guides

Especially when a new season arrives, the player community can be pretty good about putting out guides on where to find and unlock all the new stuff. Hop onto online forums and look for tip sheets for the latest seasons, and you’re sure to find something useful.

Complete the Story

We aren’t going to say too much about the exploration process in Sky, but you do reach a point where you’ve technically completed the story. At this point, you unlock special versions of candles that you can use for even more activities, so it’s definitely worth working to complete different sections of the world and ultimately reach final goals.

Sky: Children of the Light Cheat FAQs

Let’s go over a few common questions for Sky and how to progress.

Are There Really No Cheats For Sky: Children of Light?

Like other popular app games, you may find a bunch of dubious sites claiming that they have cheat codes. They may claim to do things like generate candles or give you automatic cosmetics. These are, in general, advertisements for malware and adware-laced downloads that won’t deliver on their promise. There are no real cheat options for Sky: Children of Light beyond the tricks that we’ve mentioned above.

I’m Having Trouble Finding Other People to Get Friendships in Sky?

Cross-platform play helps, but you are reliant on other people being online and in the game. You may want to try logging in at different times to see when the most people are online.

What Does the Headphone Icon Mean?

If you see someone wearing headphones, that’s a special iOS feature. It allows them to listen to external music from sources like Apple Music. That’s a common choice when playing such a relaxing game. This mode shuts off in-game music for those players, but keeps all the effects sounds on.

How Do I Chat with Others?

You need to make a friend, hug them, and spend three candles to unlock the chat option. Then you both have to visit a special chat table to exchange messages.

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