Some Retailers Let You Play MW3 Early

Some Retailers Let You Play MW3 Early


Every time I’ve wondered in to a Kmart store, I have only been able to find depression and misery, but some gamers managed to walk out with a copy of Modern Warfare 3 earlier this week. Several branches of the retailer accidentally put MW3 on the shelves and allowed players to walk in a purchase a copy. Only Kmart could be so clueless about the release date for the biggest game of the year.

Many of these copies are already showing up on eBay and Craigslist for horribly inflated prices.

If you were one of the lucky few who were fortunate enough to grab a copy, you can rest easy. Activision isn’t going to knock on your door and take it back, like they have been to do with stolen copies.

However, if you didn’t happen to get an early copy, but you’re looking to log a few hours of playtime before the November 8th, Walmart might be your new favorite retailer. Participating locations will be holding a Modern Warfare 3 tournament on November 7th at 8pm.

The winner of the tournament will walk away with a free copy of MW3, and the losers will be forced to live with the knowledge that they voluntarily spent four hours in a Walmart.

By Josh Engen

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