Someone Lost $1,500-worth of PLEX in EVE Online; Nothing Survives Explosion

Someone Lost $1,500-worth of PLEX in EVE Online; Nothing Survives Explosion

This story may invite a cathartic cuckle from some, but others may wince in sympathy. A poor EVE Online player, who goes by the in-game handle Ozuwara Ozuwara, lost 84 in-game time extension cards, known as PLEX. They had a combined estimated value of $1,500, and weren’t even stolen by one of the local ne’er-do-wells–they were utterly destroyed.

During the mid-afternoon of Sunday, December 28, Ozuwara was gunned down while undocking from Jita, one of the game’s main trading hubs.  Flying nothing more than a Caladri rookie ship, an Ibis (which is one of four faction rookie ships that are offered for free should a player leave a enter a station without a ship of their own), Ozuwara didn’t have a prayer when it came to being ganked.

Sometimes when a ship is destroyed, the remains of its fitting or cargo contents will be left within its wreckage, though not everything survives the initial explosion. The pilot who killed Ozuwara, a player named Diorden, was probably hoping that at least something would survive. However, this particular instance was less than forgiving, as all 84 PLEX were vaporised in the blast. In terms of in-game value, Ozuwara’s cargo contents held a worth of over 70 billion ISK, and absolutely none of that was retrievable from the Ibis’ wreckage.

One PLEX costs slightly more than the typical monthly subscription for the game. It adds 30 days of additional game time on top of what game time you have already, and PLEX are often used as currency in high-value trades between players. To obtain PLEX, you’ll either have to buy it using real money or by accumulating an exceptionally large amount of ISK ( EVE Online’s main currency). One PLEX is worth roughly 800 million ISK. PLEX is used as a means of converting ISK to real-life money and vise versa, hence the aforementioned estimated dollar value.

For perspective, Titans, the biggest class of ships within EVE Online , are valued at $4,000.

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