Sony Launches Official eSports Platform on PS4

Sony Launches Official eSports Platform on PS4

Watching eSports is a fairly easy thing to do, especially thanks to online streaming providers such as MLG and Twitch. While eSports platforms have a presence on consoles such as the Xbox One thanks to these services, they’re typically viewable via apps from the providers themselves. Sony, on the other hand, has revealed its own eSports platform for the PlayStation 4, which will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Coined as the “PlayStation Official League”, the new platform is said to utilize matchmaking to offer players numerous prizes across multiple triple-A titles. PlayStation Official League itself will launches tomorrow, in Spain to begin with. Over time, however, the service will soon branch out to other countries, though to specifics as to how long that would take were not detailed.

PlayStation Official League will also be supported by a number of third-party publishers, and games like Battlefield 4 , Call of Duty: Ghosts , War Thunder and FIFA 15 will be some of the games supported right from the get-go. Support for plenty of other games are said to be on the way, too.

According to Gamasutra, the idea behind PlayStation Official League is to use “seasons”, where players will use their time to boost up their ranks over a period of an undetermined amount of months within a given season. Upon the end of a season, players will potentially reap untold rewards before the cycle is rinsed and repeated.

In other eSports related news, a new tournament has been announced for the forthcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , which will be hosted by MLG late next month.

We’ll bring you more news on PlayStation Official League should further information reach our ears.

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