Sony Purchases Cloud-Based Gaming Service Gaikai

Sony Purchases Cloud-Based Gaming Service Gaikai


Though streaming gaming services are still young, they have a lot of potential to become the big future of the gaming industry. They let you play pretty much any game in existence as long as you have an Internet-capable device that can play video.

You see, streaming game services don’t actually have you play the game on your device. Instead, they have several high-powered devices in a warehouse somewhere, all capable of running your game of choice at max specs. All they do for you is send you the video feed of the game over the Internet, and all you do for them is send them the controller inputs. Boom! Instant HD gaming on any device as long as you have a good Internet connection.

As of now, it has been hard for cloud-based gaming to hit the mainstream because it has always been offered by third-party companies that gamers are hesitant to get behind. However, Sony has recently decided that they are going to get into the cloud gaming biz through their recent acquisition of Gaikai, a lesser-known cloud-based gaming service. Sony bought the company for 380 million dollars.

The question is, what will Sony do with their new cloud-based gaming capabilities? Well, rumor has it that Sony is attempting to harness this power in order to bring a sort of net-based backward compatibility to the PS3. New PS3 that is. If this is true, then Sony will be able to offer both PSOne and PS2 classics on their network, and the PS2 classics will actually be even more low-impact than PSOne titles.

Though this is easily the coolest thing Sony can do with Gaikai’s technology, the rumor has not yet been confirmed.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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