Sony Reveals PS4 Firmware 3.00: Kenshin Features

Sony Reveals PS4 Firmware 3.00: Kenshin Features

Big things are coming to the newest Sony console. Typically, a PS4 firmware update is no big deal. It’s usually full of minor fixes that don’t add anything new, but make the system run better. PS4 firmware 3.00 is different, because it adds tons of new features.

First, it will make it easier to take part in various events. There will be an Event hub on the main menu for the games you play, to see what’s going on. The Now Playing and What’s New events will be larger, and it will be easier to see what’s Live from PlayStation.

It will also be easier to be social. You will be able to post 10 second video clips to Twitter and stream to YouTube. Communities will be added where you can talk with people who like the same games as you, and you can separate your friends group into people who are your Favorites. If you like talking with people, stickers will be an option in messages. Also, if one of your Favorites is online, or even anyone you know, you could send a Request to Watch to see if they’ll invite you to Share Play or stream their game.

Finally, we’ll be getting 10GB of data if we have PlayStation Plus. That means much more room to store your saved games in the cloud. Which is great, because 1GB wasn’t enough due to the sizes of some files.’

The PS4 firmware 3.00 beta test has already begun, so some of you may already be experiencing these new features firsthand. If you are, let us know what you think? The new features seem like they could make a huge difference.

Sony has not announced an official release date for PS4 firmware 3.00 yet.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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