State of Decay PC Patch Updates Detailed

State of Decay PC Patch Updates Detailed

Earlier this week, Undead Labs released a comprehensive patch update over Steam for the PC version of their State of Decay video game. A few of the changes in this update include better framerates, improved physics and vehicle functionality, and the ability for zombies to now eat NPCs. Below is a quick overview of all the fixes you can expect in this hefty update:

Physics and Pathing

·       Made vehicles less flippy

·       Improved vehicle entry distances

·       Added a physics test when a vehicle flips to avoid throwing you out of the environment

·       Fixed glass failing to break properly

·       Fixed potential crash when zombies try to path outside of the playable area

·       Fixed zombies occasionally running in straight line towards target through collision

·       Fixed zombies getting stuck facing each other

·       Fixed dead zombies running in place

·       Reduced instances of zombies walking through doors

·       Radius is now proper on aggro range (fireworks, talking dolls, etc. now only pull nearby zombies)

·       Hordes no longer target buildings they can’t infest

·       Changed the floor height on industrial warehouses to fix pathing


·       Increased snap distance of all guns

·       Removed rotation spread penalty on all assault rifles and SMGs

·       Tuned aim friction

Graphics and Sound

·       Smoothed framerate

·       Increased range for the home base audio loading

·       Fixed base environment audio preload

Zombies and AI

·       Zombies prefer tasty NPCs (taunting, blazing, cowering NPCs)

·       Zombies prefer tasty targets (fireworks, talking dolls, etc. over echoes and disturbances)

·       Cleaned up zombie distribution

Outposts and Resources

·       Corrected the daily resource calculations on asset page of journal

·       Capped the number of resources you can receive on subsequent offline days at 15

·       New outpost resource model

·       Each outpost costs 1 material for upkeep for the first day you’re offline

·       All resource outpost types now correctly generate resources

·       If an outpost contains resources it generates 3 of that resource

Cleaning up Under the Hood

·       Fixed bug preventing the Steam leaderboard score from maintaining your highest scores

·       Retroactively award Breakdown achievements for unlocked characters

·       Implemented fix for crashes if an NPC is trying to enter a vehicle and you exit and continue

·       Fixed an issue with button substitutions

·       Changed main menu selection to support upcoming Lifeline DLC

·       Fixed world-reset issue when switching from the base game to Breakdown and vice versa

Undead Labs is also expected to launch their highly anticipated Lifeline extension pack sometime in June. This DLC add-on will feature a new story and new characters for everyone to play as.

It is currently unclear what the future holds for Undead Labs and the State of Decay series as a whole. It is highly likely that we will eventually see this game or a sequel on the Xbox One . Perhaps Microsoft can shed some light on this matter and more during their E3 2014 press conference this June.

Have any of you had a chance to download this update yet? If so, please feel free to let me know what you think about the improvements in the comments section below.

Source: Steam

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