The Dark Below’s “Crota’s End” Has Already Been Beaten in Six Hours

The Dark Below’s “Crota’s End” Has Already Been Beaten in Six Hours

Even though Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below , has only been kicking around for just over a day, it’s been reported that a group of players have already beaten the expansion’s raid, “Crota’s End”, within a matter of hours. A team of seven players, who are a part of the Destiny clan “Invigorate Gaming”,  took it upon themselves to complete the raid, and the fruits of their efforts was later revealed via Bungie’s own official Twitter account. At the end of it, it took all seven players six hours to beat the raid, racking up over 6,000 kills in the process and a combined kill / death ratio of 66.98.

Invigorate Gaming is also the first clan that managed to beat Destiny’s original raid, Vault of Glass, on Hard mode. Upon completing The Dark Below’s raid, the clan is now the record holder for beating two of Destiny’s raids first.

After Bungie showcased the results of the clan’s completion of Crota’s End, Invigorate Gaming later tweeted their thanks to the Destiny community for being supportive of the clan’s efforts.

Man the community support is just overwhelming you guys helped make this happen two thumbs up, Invigorate Gaming tweeted .

Since the clan’s success in The Dark Below’s raid, it has received numerous applicants to join Invigorate Gaming.

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[ Via: GameSpot / Game Informer ]

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