The Division Dev thinks gaming “Needs a Shakespeare”

The Division Dev thinks gaming “Needs a Shakespeare”

In an interview with Gamasutra on Thursday, July 3, the managing director of Ubisoft Massive, David Polfeldt, took a moment to discuss some behind-the-scenes development insight regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division , and how, as far as videogame narrative is concerned, the video game industry needs “ a Shakespeare.

When broached about what is the singularly most important question he would have to face in regards to the video game industry, Polfeldt replied that “ meaningful narrative ” is absolutely an important question.

If you ask me? Meaningful narrative, absolutely. We need to find a Shakespeare in the games industry, ” Polfeldt told Gamasutra. “ We need to find a Tarantino.

We need to find people who are able to tell absolutely amazing stories that completely transcend the immediate audience. You and I will probably play all of these games, anyway, because we’re already gamers. I think the industry needs to get to another level of emotion and narrative, ” Polfeldt added.

When pressed further on what way in which narrative could be told to achieve this, either via linear cutscenes or via another way, Polfeldt explained that he thinks that scripted games aren’t the right way to go, that memorable experiences should be created by you, the player, and not be triggering a moment in the game to create said memorable experience.

I don’t think linear, scripted games is the right way to go. I love games like that — don’t get me wrong. I love The Last of Us . I played everything. I think it’s amazing. But I think what we do have as an advantage is real interactivity, ” Polfeldt replied.

That implies less scripting. I shouldn’t have to create a memorable moment and have a trigger in the game that creates that. It should be created by the interactive system and by you, to be honest. That’s when I think it becomes enormously powerful.

Some of the best stories online are when things happen, and by gamers. And by their choice. That’s where I think the key is, to the Shakespeare of the game industry. I am not sure how. Because if I knew how, I would have already done it, but… That’s where I think we have our real challenge at the moment, ” he continued.

You can read Gamasutra’s full interview via the source link below. We’ve established that The Division has been delayed until sometime in 2015 , and that the developer is aiming to achieve 30 frames per second with the game. The Division has been slated to launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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