The New Xbox 360 Revealed

The New Xbox 360 Revealed


The rumors were true; there is a brand new, redesigned Xbox 360 coming to retailers this week.

This latest iteration of the Xbox 360 is smaller, gloss black and chrome, “whisper-quiet,” has a 250 GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, five USB ports, 45 nanometer and integrated CPU and GPU, touch-sensitive buttons, and will cost $299.99.

Below the image of the new hardware, you’ll also find a complete list of the Xbox 360 250GB specs.

Spec List:

Form Factor: Sleek, lean and gloss black finsh with chrome accents. Place vertically or horizontally in any living room entertainment center.

Touch Sensitive Buttons: Turn the Xbox 360 video game system on/off and eject a disc with the swipe of a finger.

Whisper Quiet: Whether you’re playing a DVD disc or from the hard drive, or navigating the dashboard, with the all-new and much quieter Xbox 360, the only noise you’ll hear is your own laughing, cheering and playing.

Wi-Fi: Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi for fast, easy connection to your friends and entertainment on Xbox LIVE.

Hard Drive: 250GB internal, swappable hard drive for even more storage. To access, remove the bottom panel by publishing the small tab toward the front of the console.

Kinect-Ready: Custom Kinect port on the back of the console that directly hooks up to the Kinect sensor for controller-free fun.

USB Slots: Five USB ports; three in the back of the console and two in the front for easy plug and play.

AV Connections:

  • AV Cable included for standard definition TV connection.
  • HDMI port for high definition TV connection.
  • Optical Audio out port integrated on back of console for AV system connection.

Power Supply: Smaller and more efficient. Xbox 360 250GB and Xbox 360 original power supplies are not interchangeable.

Wireless Controller: The award-winning Xbox 360 Wireless Controller matches the console in all black with color-matched thumbsticks and directional pad with a touch of gloss and chrome to repeat the look.

Backward Compatible: Your favorite accessories and games will work with Xbox 360 250GB. (Xbox 360 External Hard Drives and Memory Units are not compatible.)

Accessories: Customize your Xbox 360 250 GB with matching black accessories, including favorites such as Controllers, Wireless Headset, Chatpad, Quick Charge and Play & Charge Kits and more. Get a look at a few of these today.

Key Internal Components Changes:

  • Fan: Moved from two small fans to one larger fan for improved acoustics.
  • Chipset: 45 nanometer and integrated CPU and GPU.
  • Wi-Fi: Integrated wireless capability.

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