There’s Something More to the Final Fantasy VII PS4 Port

There’s Something More to the Final Fantasy VII PS4 Port

It feels like Square Enix performed the ultimate troll. The company finds out via a Japanese survey that Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved PSOne games and people want a remake of it more than anything else. Hell, people have been begging for its comeback since the PS3 days.

This makes the Final Fantasy VII PC port a dagger to the heart of anyone who loved the original game. Sure, you’ll get your game on the PS4, but guess what? It’s pretty much the exact same game, with only a few minor adjustments. You can practically hear the trombone in the background and Nelson’s “Ha ha!”

I think all of these emotions, however justified, are clouding our judgements. There’s something else here. I believe that this Final Fantasy VII PS4 port isn’t only a cash grab. I mean, sure, that’s part of it, but I truly think there’s something more. This is a clue. Maybe even a sign of things to come. Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy VII back, and I think this is a means to prepare people for a sequel.

Yes, after the PlayStation Experience, I 100% believe we’ll see a Final Fantasy VII-2 . Or maybe it will be Cloud Returns: Final Fantasy VII . I suppose Final Fantasy VII: Genesis could work too. Regardless, I’m convinced the sequel is happening and this port is here to help ease people back into the world. It has to be, because all of the other, more recent spin-offs have been leading up to one.

Anyone remember Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII ? I know, it’s been a while. Let me help you out. If you collected “G” Reports in that game, you learned of a secret, Shinra SOLDIER referred to as G. Collecting all three reveals that G is Genesis Rhapsodos, another Jenova Project warrior. He’s the reason the Deepground soldiers become the abominations they are in Dirge of Cerberus , and the game even ends with Weiss’s defeat awakening Genesis. Genesis carries him out of the cavern, saying they have things to do.

Later, Square Enix introduced Genesis to us in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII . We learned that Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal were three best friends, the best Shinra had to offer. Of course, they were all experimented on and turned into fragile, superhuman freaks. The reason we didn’t see Genesis in Final Fantasy VII is that Zack managed to defeat him. But Genesis didn’t die. He was put to sleep and recovered by the same Deepground soldiers Vincent would encounter in Dirge of Cerberus .

There’s Something More to the Final Fantasy VII PS4 Port

While it’s easy to forget, those two games were very clearly setting us up for something new. Genesis is still active in the Final Fantasy VII world. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children can be seen as a bridge, updating fans as to the condition of the heroes and antiheroes from the game. It shows us Rufus is still alive and wanting to revive the Shinra company. Cloud has regained his will to fight.

Perhaps even Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is a hint of things to come. It doesn’t provide any story information, but it does bring the game to the forefront of our minds. Hey, Final Fantasy VII exists! It was a game I loved. I’m going to play this spin-off on my smartphone and remember the good times.

My point is, something is building. It’s easy to be upset or mad about the Final Fantasy VII PS4 port. I get it. But, I think we need to think about why Square Enix would have done this. Sure, it will be a relatively easy means of making money for the company, but it’s also getting us talking and thinking about Final Fantasy VII again. Perhaps that’s the point.

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