Violent PlayStation 3 Launch Inspires Next Grand Theft Auto*

Violent PlayStation 3 Launch Inspires Next Grand Theft Auto*


The recent PlayStation 3 launch made its way into mainstream media this past week for the series of absurd, violent, and idiotic events that occurred leading up to the stroke of midnight when the limited consoles went on sale.

The launch caught the attention of industry bad boy Rockstar Games who snatched up the idea for the newest rendition of Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar promises the game will recreate the wild evening with drive-by shootings, women going into labor in line, muggings, theft, stampedes, and more. Gamers will be able to roam across the entirety of North America in their quest to secure themselves a coveted console by intimidating or eliminating those standing in line.

“We watched the evening of the PlayStation 3 launch unfold and it started reminding us a lot of a GTA game. Violence, scandal, and disapproval from mainstream media and parents are key factors in the GTA series,” explained a Rockstar rep. “The PS3 launch contained all of these factors and more. It is perfect for the next edition of GTA.”

“We are thrilled that Rockstar plans to create a game imagined from our riotous launch,” Sony enthused. “We couldn’t think of any better way to promote our system than to have it inspiring a sure-fire hit GTA game. This is even better than getting sued by Jack Thompson, although we are hoping for that as well.”

“This version of GTA is going to make every other game look like the launch of the Wii – peaceful, friendly, and fun,” Rockstar continued.

In order to increase the festivities around the launch of the game, Rockstar plans to only release sixteen copies of the game globally. “With only sixteen copies at launch, we will see who really wants one,” the Rockstar rep explained.

The game is tentatively titled Grand Theft Auto: North American Launch and is scheduled to hit store shelves in late 2007 exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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