Wasteland 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Wasteland 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Wasteland 2 Change character attributes

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit your current saved game file in the “Save Games” directory in the game’s folder. Search for the “availableAttributePoints” text, and change their values to 20, and the lines for skill points and trait points to 200 for any desired characters.

Set ammunition and item amounts

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit your current saved game file in the “Save Games” directory in the game’s folder. Search for lines that begin with “Ammo_” and the names of other items to modify their amounts. Note: You must have already collected a particular item in order to change its quantity.

Southwestern Folklore skill

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Enter ” 61290 ” into the text box while talking to Solveig Sefors to get the Southwestern Folklore skill.

Tortoise treasure

You can find a tortoise that provides treasure at the Rail Nomads camp, in the northern part of the world map. The camp can be found just past some radiated areas. Once in the camp, search northern part of the Rail Nomads area, which is the first area you visit in this general location. Travel north from the central section of the map with the rail car interiors. Pass the small homeless camp up the middle path to reach the area in which the tortoise can be found. A character with the “Animal Whispering” skill is required to “activate” the tortoise. If needed, you can recruit Ralphy by saving him from drowning after entering the area. He can be found in one of the train cars in the central part of the map after his rescue. After “Animal Whispering” is used on the tortoise, it will begin moving slowly. It starts by traveling south, out of the hobo-camp, then follows a path that leads it past the main meeting hall (where the clan leader is found), and further down to the south. Follow it, and it will eventually approach a river at the southern part of the map. Note: You must clear mines from this area. The tortoise will eventually die at the end of its journey, leaving behind a mound of dirt. Use a shovel to dig up a random piece of treasure (rifle, weapon mod, armor, trinket, or ammunition).

Buried Atari E.T. games reference

Travel northwest of the Ranger Citadel in the Arizona over-world to find a cache of video game cartridges. You can find a total of 50,000 cartridges in 100 unit stacks buried in the desert.

Easy “Goat Simulator” achievement

At the Prison, you can find three goats together just behind trader RED in the northwest corner. Use the Animal Whisperer skill on them to get them to follow your party.

Easy “Hell Bent For Leather” achievement

Chris Van Graas, the mayor’s son, is a bastard found in the Rodia distillery. When you first reach Rodia, give fifteen bullets to the guards. Search the town hall, and talk to the current mayor and accept his task. Locate the ex-mayor, caged near the radio tower. Talk to him from outside the wall. During the conversation, agree help the former mayor and his friends overthrow the current mayor of Rodia. The former mayor will mention his son, Chris Van Graas. Insist on your child until the former mayor approves. Go to the distillery. One of the guards will ask what you are doing there. Respond that you are working for the current mayor. You can find Chris Van Graas in a small room. Tell him that his father needs his help. Chris will make a counter offer, asking that you kill his father and the current mayor. Accept his proposal. Go to City Hall and kill the current mayor, then kill the former mayor. Talk to Chris Van Graas to get the “Hell Bent For Leather” achievement.

Easy “Moo, I Say” achievement

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Have Angela Deth or Chisel in your party, and use the Brute Force skill on the cows at the infected farm, Canyon Of The Titan, or in Damonta (after saving the herd).

You can find up to ten cows at the agricultural center. However, they will be attacked by rabbits. If quickly launch an attack against the rabbits, you can save five cows. To see the cows, you must first help the agricultural center.

Easy “Oops” achievement

Outside of battle, have your entire party attack a single party member. If he or she is down, just finish her or him off to get the “Oops” achievement.

Easy “Persona Non Grata” achievement

Load an old saved game file. Shoot in Highpool or Agricultural Center until someone reports you to Vargas. Travel north to the Rail Nomad Camp, and continue killing until someone reports you to Vargas again. After the first report, you can lie to Vargas about why you had to kill the people. After the second report, Vargas will get very angry and send Team Delta after you. This will be a random encounter on the world map. At this point the game may not be complete-able, which is why you want to use an unwanted saved game file. You will not be able to use the radio because you are no longer a Ranger.

Easy “Pop Idol” achievement

The Fin’s poster can be found inside the Agricultural Center, in the left wing immediately before entering the greenhouse where the radio tower is located.

Easy “Son Of A Motherless Goat” achievement

Reach the Temple Of Titan to find a cowboy who sells three full sets of Amigo clothes. Alternately, they can be found on your own.

Easy “Sweet, Sweet Squeezins” achievement

Scotchmo is located in the Rail Nomad camps, near where the Hobos live. If you have enough Charisma, he will ask if he can join your party. If you do not accept or decline his offer too many times, he will hate you and not have any further dialogue with your party. Make sure you have a free slot for him in your party before talking to him. After he is in your party, he will begin to talk about his hidden Snake Squeezin. It is buried in the junk area — so a shovel is required. The exact location is in the dead end that has a chest and safe. You can only find the hiding location if you have him in your party. He will give you hints as to how close you are. There are four bottles of the “drink” that are hidden. Make sure another character gets these bottles, as Scotchmo will automatically steal them. If he has stolen all four bottles, take one bottle away from him again, and he will steal that bottle again. Alternately, purchase a bottle in the bar at the railroad nomad camp. Then, take it away from him every time he steals it so he can steal it again.

Easy “They Walk Among Us” achievement

Stand next to the pods in the Agricultural Center when they explode to become infected. The first one can be found just next to the door that leads into the complex. The infection has two stages. The first stage lasts for four hours and is indicated by a green debuff icon above the character. The second stage follows immediately afterwards and lasts for two hours. It is indicated by a red debuff icon above the character. During the second stage, the infected character suffers a constant health drain in addition to attribute debuffs. When the second stage ends, the infected character will become a pod person. The time during each stage will not progress if you are at the world map. The health drain during the second stage is not strong enough to kill the infected character on its own. You do not have to heal that person.

Easy “Too Much Time On Yer Hands” achievement

To dig up all the holes at Redondo Beach, first get a second shovel from the farm at Angel Oracle.

Easy “Wasteland Justice” achievement

Recruit Angela Deth from the Ranger Citadel. You can find Samuel Haas in a bar at the Rail Nomads camp. After a dialog with him, she will kill him. This will not result in any negative reputation with the other people in that town.

Easy “What Does This Button Do?” achievement

At the Ranger citadel, go to the museum, and push the red button on the M388 Davy Crockett Tactical Nuke found next to the toaster to get the “What Does This Button Do?” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    A General and a Gentleman: Allow Vargas to detonate the nuke.
    A Gentle Heart: Save Binh from Tinker.
    A Night To Remember: Get an STD.
    Back Where It All Began: Return to Arizona.
    Better Left Buried: Find the hidden cache of extraterrestrial cartridges.
    Blast From The Past: Learn Combat Shooting.
    Butterfingers: Lock yourself out of 10 locks or safes via critical failure.
    Call Of The Wild: Use Animal Whisperer to charm 20 animals.
    Cat Burglar: Steal the Golden Spike from Kekkahbah’s fortress without being detected.
    Civilized: Convince the Mannerites to stop eating people.
    Divine Retribution: Help Retribution Jones take over Hollywood.
    East Of Eden: Go to Los Angeles.
    Elbow Grease: Repair 10 locks or safes using Mechanical Repair.
    Embrace The Glow: Send the nuke to the Mad Monks.
    Ezekiel 18:20: Intervene in a God’s Militia execution.
    Fateful Reunion: Meet Ralphy’s dad with Ralphy in tow.
    Fight Fire With Fire: Send the nuke to the DBM.
    Goat Simulator: Get 3 goats following the party at once.
    Hell Bent For Leather: Help Chris Van Graas Jr. become mayor of Rodia.
    How Rude: Help Mr. Manners eliminate Tori Robbinson’s plot.
    I Am Legend: Complete Matthias’ quest to kill in LA.
    Know Your Roots: Find a Wasteland 1 disk.
    Locked And Loaded: Apply 20 weapon mods.
    Moo, I Say: Tip 5 cows.
    Not Monkeying Around: Complete the game with a Ranger dressed in a gorilla costume.
    Oops: Accidentally kill a party member with friendly fire.
    Peace On The Rails: Make peace between the Atchisons and Topekans.
    Persona Non Grata: Get Ranger Team Delta sent after you.
    Pop Idol: Find The Fin’s poster.
    Pushed The Button: You foolishly pushed the button in the Hollywood Sewers.
    Red Wire, Blue Wire: Disarm the nuke.
    Relics Of A Bygone Age: Find all hidden shrines in the game.
    Religious Persecution: Kill all of the God’s Militia leadership.
    Scavenger: Find all of the world map caches.
    Self Actualized: Put the Robbinsons in power in Angel Oracle.
    Sinister Legacy: Use the code from Finster’s head to get into Darwin’s underground complex.
    Sinners And Saints: Make peace between Hollywood and the Bastion.
    Skin ‘O Yer Teeth: Survive a combat encounter with only 1 party member standing.
    Some Help You Are: Lose both Ag Center and Highpool.
    Son Of A Motherless Goat: Outfit 3 rangers in the amigos hat, jacket, and pants.
    Strength Of One: Complete the game after having started with only a single Ranger.
    Sweet, Sweet Squeezins: Scotchmo steals 5 bottles of Snake Squeezins from you.
    Tasty!: Give the Night Terror 20 pieces of candy.
    They Walk Among Us: Have a party member turn into a pod person.
    Too Much Time On Yer Hands: Dig up all the holes at Redondo Beach.
    Under Old Management: Restore Rodia’s mayor to office.
    Wasteland Historian: Read every lore entry in the game.
    Wasteland Justice: Witness Angela kill Samuel Haas.
    What Does This Button Do?: Set off the nuke in Ranger Citadel before going to LA.
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