Why a Little Exploitation Never Hurt Anyone

Why a Little Exploitation Never Hurt Anyone

When it comes to game exploits, sometimes people can have a negative takeaway. After all, we hear a lot of bad things about ones that can ruin a gaming experience. Sometimes a game like Grand Theft Auto Online will have an exploit that will do something like allow a player to steal someone else’s money, to “curb boost” during a race for extra speed, or maybe abuse Orbital Cannons to hurt everyone else. It might make someone wonder if the only good exploits are ones that result in no temporary or permanent damage.

Some of these game exploits make experiences better. Like take someone who wants to speedrun a title. A The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild exploit is perfect for that. People learned the physics could be exploited to send people flying, soaring through the sky at alarming rates, if they landed on an enemy’s head in the right way after performing a shield jump. Since it is a single-player game, it isn’t like you are hurting anyone else’s good time by going too fast. If anything, you’re making it better by showing how fast you can clear the game with this!

WHAT IS THIS SPEED?!?!!??! #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/UMoy8cnEzu

— Zant (@Zants) October 16, 2018

Plus, some of the exploits and glitches just get hilarious. For example, there was this Marvel’s Spider-Man issue. Sometimes, the animations in the game just got crazy before proper patches were implemented. Like here, Peter Parker, Aunt May, and Martin Li turn into mannequins. It doesn’t hurt the gameplay at all. It doesn’t ruin anything. When this issue could happen, it just resulted in hilarity. It makes the game more fun, since you have that a chance to see things break in a “positive” way.

Spider-Man is unfortunately borked for me and it’s hilarious. Not angry or upset, just wished I could experience this game like everyone else. Oh well. from r/SpidermanPS4

But sometimes, even exploits in multiplayer games can be okay. That is, when it is more about doing something incredibly cool without ruining the experience for everyone else. A recent Fallout 76 exploit accomplished that. In it, people could use the Bird Bones and Marsupial mutations and Strange in Numbers perk to basically fly in the game. As we mentioned before , it is a pretty great thing. Best of all, it is a great thing that lets you do something that makes an otherwise flawed game incredible. Especially since teamwork can make the exploit work even better.

Why a Little Exploitation Never Hurt Anyone

Then, there’s an instance like the occasional Destiny 2 exploits that can come up before or during raids. While it is a multiplayer game, sometimes these sorts of cheats can be a lot of fun for players. People were able to glitch their way into a part of the Dreaming City to access chests with loot from a Forsaken raid in September 2018. People got access to incredibly cool and useful gear early. Bungie was a good sport about the whole thing and didn’t penalize people who got in or took the loot. It was generally a fun way to see if you could cheat the game early.

We hear a lot about exploits in games like Grand Theft Auto Online ruining people’s fun. But all of these examples show that sometimes, these instances can make life a little better. In single-player games, exploits can constantly bring a little joy or laughter to our lives. They may even let us do things like speedrun! There are even a few times when multiplayer game exploits can allow us to let loose and do something cool, all without hurting other players. It’s clear how great these cheats can be.

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