XBLA Wednesday Downloads 6/18

XBLA Wednesday Downloads 6/18


Microsoft has released two games this week that both output at 720p and will cost you 800 MS points. Elements of Destruction has you take the role of a crazed, unemployed scientific researcher in complete control of the weather. Exact your revenge by harnessing the destructive power of the elements. Sea Life Safari will have you snapping photos of your favorite underwater critters and racking up the points. Here are the details from Microsoft:

Elements of Destruction: You are the master of disaster! Use tornadoes, lightning, earthquakes, and other forces of nature to do your bidding. Fired from your job as a top research scientist, you have built a machine that allows you to control nature and exact revenge on the corporation that fired you. Your quest for revenge takes you to locations across the globe where you must use the forces of nature in challenging ways. Shake down buildings with earthquakes, suck up and throw objects with tornadoes, and strike down aircraft with lightning to cause mayhem in cities and towns across the earth. Outputs in 720p. For 1-4 players locally and from 2-4 players over Xbox LIVE. Developed by Frozen Codebase and published by THQ. 800 MS points.

· Forces of nature: Use your power to create lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes and many other forces of nature to exact revenge.

· Complete destruction: Blow buildings apart, start raging fires, and blast with lightning as you cause mayhem in towns, cities, and the countryside.

· Multiplayer matches: Compete in two online and split screen multiplayer modes including Destruction (go head-to-head with another player to see who can cause the most damage) and Cooperative (work together with other players to destroy the corporate menace).

Sea Life Safari: Embark on a journey the whole family can enjoy in Sea Life Safari! Make a splash as an underwater photographer tasked with capturing the most incredible pictures of wild sea animals. Entice your subjects into playful poses, provoke photo-worthy reactions, and reel in those picture-perfect scores! Outputs in 720p. For 1 player locally, and leaderboard support. Developed by Wanako and published by Sierra Online. 800 MS points.

· 60+ animated creatures: Photograph the sparkling personalities of fascinating underwater sea animals to build memorable albums and your own personal scrapbook.

· Five jaw-dropping environments: Explore unique destinations from the colorful Coral Reef to the murky Ship Graveyard, filled with countless treasures to discover!

· Family-friendly tutorial: Experience a fully interactive tutorial teaching simple step-by-step instructions on how to become a great deep-sea photographer!

· Educational photo evaluations: Learn the names of each of your sea creature subjects and see how your photographs rank as you are scored on four different criteria: size, orientation, centering, and interaction with each fish.

Endless replayability: Discover secret routes, collect hidden items, and encounter special appearances by unique day and night creatures.

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