Xbox Entertainment Studios Shuts Down

Xbox Entertainment Studios Shuts Down

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Way earlier on in the year, Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios announced that it’d be working with the UK’s Channel 4 to co-produce a new drama , entitled “ Humans ”, which had an interesting premises: it was pitched to be an English-adaptation of the acclaimed series “ Real Humans ”, and it was said to touch on the relationship between reality and humanity’s connection with technology.

The studio was also working on a new Halo TV series (originally part of the Xbox One’s TV line-up ), which the development of which was overseen by 343 Industries, with Steven Spielberg as the series’ executive producer. It was assumed that this series wasn’t going to be the same as another Halo series, that later turned out to be Halo: Nightfall .

However, Xbox Entertainment’s projects are seemingly up in the air now, as the studio has been officially shut down following layoffs across Microsoft. The last key staff of the studio were let go on Wednesday, October 29, according to Variety. Nancy Tellem, the head of the studio, along with her right-hand associate, Jordan Levin, had been expecting to stay with Microsoft through to the year’s end, which reportedly would have given more time to sort out the studio’s remaining projects.

Tellem and Levin weren’t the first to be laid-off from their jobs; Microsoft at large had already been stricken by a dramatic shift in strategy from Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, who took over the company from Steve Ballmer. Nadella opted to focus on the company’s core software business, whereas Ballmer backed the development of software to make the Xbox One more of an entertainment-focused hub. Because of Nadella’s change in company strategy, it meant that Microsoft would experience layoffs across the board, and Xbox Entertainment Studios wasn’t spared, according to Variety.

Thankfully, the Spielberg Halo TV series is still underdevelopment with Showtime, which was went into negotiations for a partnership with Xbox Entertainment Studios back in May, though it doesn’t yet have a series order.

We’ll bring you more news on the matter should further information reach our ears. You can read Variety’s full report via the source link below.

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