Halo Content Confirmed for Xbox 360 Minecraft

Halo Content Confirmed for Xbox 360 Minecraft

As reported by Gamespot , Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of the open-world Sandbox game Minecraft will be receiving Halo content, though specific details as to when said content will be introduced to the title have not been mentioned.

As it currently stands, all there is to go on is a single shared screenshot that accompanied Microsoft’s announcement (featured above). Judging by this screenshot, players will be able to wear a skin of the Master Chief and wield a Needler, and there appears to also be computer screen blocks to place. There’s also the signature Halo ring curving upwards into the sky, too.

Following Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR , Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson cancelled a deal with Oculus VR to develop the game for the Oculus Rift . On the plus side, Notch has confirmed that there’s a potential of a Minecraft movie in the works.

Xbox Entertainment Studios is currently in negotiations with Showtime , a premium cable and satellite TV network, to help develop the live-action Halo TV series that was announced last year. The Halo TV series itself, which is part of Microsoft’s TV line-up for Xbox One, is currently under production, and 343 Industries is overseeing its development with Steven Spielberg as the series’ executive producer. The series is slated to debut in the second quarter of this year.

Incidentally, Alien director Ridley Scott has been confirmed to be producing an upcoming Halo -based “digital feature”–a fact that was initially a rumor, which was dispelled by Microsoft. Furthermore, according to a rumor that cropped up at the end of January, Neill Blomkamp, who directed Elysium , is reported to be the one who will kickstart the upcoming Halo TV series by directing  the pilot episode.

A Microsoft executive has also clarified that, even with the recently outlined TV line-up for Xbox One, the company will not deviate from Spencer’s “ gamers first ” promise. Microsoft has also confirmed that it has no plans to release further Halo titles on Steam at this time. Curiously, the next Halo that’s slated to launch on Xbox One has appeared as available for pre-order on Walmart’s online store.

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