Xbox One sales still lagging behind PS4

Xbox One sales still lagging behind PS4

As reported by TrustedReviews on Thursday, July 24, despite the consoles price drop and removal of the Kinect, Microsoft’s Xbox One is still lagging behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of sales.

Yeah, we have [seen Xbox One sales increase since Microsoft cut out the mandatory Kinect], ” the Head of Buying for Electrics and Home Technology at John Lewis, Johnathan Marsh, told TrustReviews. “ Sales figures are now more competitive, but still favouring Sony.

Even though the price of the Xbox One is now on par with the PlayStation 4, it seems that the damage has already been done, as console demand is reportedly leaning more towards Sony’s console.

The move from Xbox was definitely in order to compete on a more level pegging with Sony and that has definitely resulted in a response from the consumer as well, ” Marsh continued. “ The demand for Sony is still greater than what we are seeing for Xbox One right now.

Microsoft said in a recent interview that it is “ pleased ” with the response the Kinect-less Xbox One has received, and so the company currently feels it is “ well positioned ” for this year’s holiday season as a result.

We’ve also established that the Xbox One’s August update will bring about various social improvements (such as updates to the Activity Feed), and that it’ll also enable you to turn on the Xbox One’s 3D Blu-ray functionality , make purchases via mobile and more.

We’ll bring you more Xbox One-related new should further information reach our ears.

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