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SONY Keynote at GDC 2010

SONY Keynote at GDC 2010 article

March 10, 2010 - At this year's GDC, most of the buzz has been around Sony's new motion controller. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide studios opened today's keynote by saying that today's conference will be the "official unveiling" of the new PlayStation motion controller. Like most major unveilings, he starts off by giving us the official name of the controller. Say hello to the PlayStation Move!

Yoshida went on to say that this new controller will "breathe new life into well established genres." While he didn't directly address the elephant in the room (IE: Nintendo), he did mention that the PlayStation Move will be a "solution for both casual and hardcore gamers alike." Yoshida also confirmed that the Move will be capable of tracking objects in a 1:1 manner and said that "nothing has ever been this precise."

After all these bold statements, Yoshida handed the stage over to Peter Dille, Sony's senior VP of marketing. Dille reminded us all of the PlayStation 3's growth over the past year, and mentioned both Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 as big system sellers. He went on to thank reviewers for their positive reception of Heavy Rain a few weeks ago (you're welcome!) and mentioned the upcoming God of War III as another system seller.

Dille then discusses some upcoming titles for the PlayStation 3 including Mod Nation Racers and Gran Turismo 5. He made special mention of GT5, and reassured us that it IS coming in 2010. I guess whether you believe that or not is a matter of personal opinion. Dille also confirmed SOCOM 4 for 2010, and then noted that there will be some surprises this year at E3 regarding additional titles for the end of the year.

SONY Keynote at GDC 2010 article

So, how does the PlayStation Move fit into this picture? Dille said that the PlayStation 3 already had some amazing momentum, and that the Move will be a natural continuation of this momentum. He then mentioned Nintnedo's success with their motion controls, and lauded their ability to "remove the barrier between consumers and games." However, he was quick to add that Sony is a "natural destination" for motion controls, and that the PlayStation Move will take gaming "beyond where it is today."

Speaking about the technology behind the motion controller, Dille divulged that there are a wide range of input sensors in the Move, which make it possible to move items in 3D space. This helps the PlayStation Move feel like an extension of the body rather than just a controller.

And now... it is time to answer the question everyone has had on their mind: What about price? While we didn't get an exact answer, Dille revealed that there will be a Move "starter kit" that will contain a PlayStation Eye, Move controller, and a game. This bundle will sell for under $100.00. We'll have to keep waiting for an exact price, but if you don't want the bundle, you can also purchase the Move by itself, or as part of a bundle with a PlayStation 3 console, game, and PS Eye.

SONY Keynote at GDC 2010 article

But, enough with the talking! Let's see some games! A montage played while Dille exited the stage showing happy gamers playing a fighting game, archery, ping-pong, painting, and even a quick shot of someone playing LittleBigPlanet with a Move controller. Could this quick shot be of LittleBigPlanet 2?

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