Machine Man: X to Object

Hit the marker at street level to begin.

Follow your objective to get a ride up the barge.

You'll face a lengthy ambush on the rooftop. As always, give priority to gutting the snipetroopers as soon as possible.

After that, you'll have to mow down countless helltroopers, swarmtroopers, and swarm commanders, capped by tank troopers. When they're all bleeding out on the concrete, you'll finally have a shot at attacking the generator itself.

Destroy it, pilfer any lootboxes from the rooftop you haven't snagged already, then board the barge for the boss fight with 'borg boy.

Phase one is straightfoward- it's a one-on-one fight which ends when you've stripped both shield and armor from him. Mobility is key in this one- his shells double as both area attacks and temporary cover- you'll want to keep moving in order to avoid the former and angle around the latter.

In the next phase, you'll face off against the wedding party, who are all pretty charmingly named (though it's a little sad that all of Steeltoe's guests are his employees, and they're all in their workclothes).

These enemies are strong and constantly being buffed by the happy couple, but there aren't a lot of them. Focus on taking out the shocktrooper, then mop up the rest.

The final phase is against a giant Steeltoe, backed up by Aisha. Start with taking out one of her energy projectors, using the projector itself as cover from Steeltoe.

And weirdly, that's the last projector you need to destroy. The others won't even be tagged in your reticule any more, and you can take out Steeltoe as you would an oversize shocktrooper (they have the same essential MO).

With his death, the barge begins to explode. Run to the edge and jump off for mission completion.

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