Red Queen : Grief Counseling

Hit the scenic marker to begin.

Follow your objective to a public VR port, and jack in.

You'll now fight your way through the five stages of grief. In Denial, catch the Yellow Aisha by jumping after her on the platforms. You can't just shoot or sword-teleport to there, though if you want you can shoot up the electric arc traps on the floor first.

Move quickly, to avoid taking damage from the mines on most panels. Once you've caught her six times, the stage ends.

In Grief, you'll fight elements of the wedding party- first swarmtroopers, then a tanktrooper.

In Bargaining, you'll have to open 10 boxes. Any 10 will work, but be quick- any panel without a box on it disappear a split second after you land on it.

In Anger, as you might expect, it's Kill All Enemies time.

It'll start with helltroopers, then morph into alternating waves of swarmtroopers and shocktroopers. Defeat all comers.

In Acceptance, flee the glitching simulation. Cloaking can be very handy for avoid entangling fights. Note that the walls are moving- you may sometimes need to wait a few seconds before you can move forward.

Activate the console in the last room to escape the game grid and complete the mission.

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