Red Queen: Sibling Rivalry

Note that you'll want at least one squad member with an accurate medium-to-long range weapon, and an overall squad that can handle a Pride Captain very quickly (ie, bring Scheherazade). Hit the marker in the shopping district to begin.

Follow your marker to the objective, and starting destroying network nodes (they'll be tagged as 'Legion Surveillance Device' in your HUD.

They hit you back, but just slightly. Your real concern should be the snipetroopers in ambush on the second rooftop.

When the nodes are sufficiently destroyed, head to the access point atop the Seven Star Casino, and hack it.

Destroy the Red Aisha drones as they appear. You don't have to stay on the uppermost roof to do this, but it does keep other distracting attackers to a minimum.

You should, however, probably give the tanktrooper your full attention.

When you've destroyed eight drones, your work here is done- drive over to the Planetarium for a new lair to infiltrate.

Your first fight here will be a ton of robots, buffed by Aisha, and supplemented by boombots. None of them are so tough individually, but note the multiple health dispensers here if you start to get overwhelmed by numbers.

When the last one goes down, you'll have to face two Pride Captain style robots.

IMPORTANT: They appear on opposite sides of the room, and it is vital you take one down before they can meet up. There seems to be a glitch where if they die while too close or overlapping, the remaining robot stops taking damage, and the mission cannot be completed. So pick one (I had success with the Yellow Aisha on the right side), and do whatever it takes to destroy her. You might even want to use GremlinTech. (Note that this bug should be addressed in the September patch).

After that you can pick apart the Green captain at your leisure- this 'bot has a good chance of dropping a Fleur, so even if a squaddie died taking out Yellow, you're still back at full strength.

Not that it matters much, as the last fight is a cakewalk (for someone with a reasonably accurate distance weapon). Stay on the upper balcony, and fire at the head. You'll only be able to do damage when it's looking right at you, but that's all the opening you need to take it down without a fuss.

A final cutscene plays, and the mission ends.

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