Spin-Off: Welcome to Seoul

This first part of this mission will see you chasing the escaped core through the city. As always, use your triple jump to clear obstacles and avoid slowdowns.

Get close and the sphere floats off. Follow it again to get ambushed by a new enemy type.

These dual-pistol baddies are a like evil clones of Fortune- nimble but not so tough. Gunning them down is easy at this level, but you may want to take cover if they suddenly leap into the air and don't fall- they're about to unleash their special attack.

Follow the sphere. You can jack your first car of the game here, if you like. Don't get used to it, though- the cars of MAYHEM that you'll be able to summon later  are far better than anything you'll ever find in the streets.

There's a smattering of troopers at the final sphere location, both regular and blitz, but the real enemy appears once they're down- the golem.

A typical bossy monster, the golem is slow, tough, and hardhitting, with a vulnerable spot you can shoot for extra damage (the core in his heart). As with headshots, hits on a vulnerable area are tracked in orange by the damage counter.

Hollwood's mid-range rifle and grenade work well here- pour on the damage while dashing away from enemy fire to bring the beast down, and end the mission.

Another rush of unlockable gadgets will shower down on your agents- you'll be able to get a better look at them soon enough when you reach the Ark.

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