Gat: Gattitude Adjustment

Hit the slightly out-of-the-way marker to start this one

Head over to KW Robotics to check out your replacements,

They attack, and you destroy them. There are a lot, but they're pretty weak, and especially vulnerable to Gat's default special. You can also use melee to handily dispatch them between reloads.

When you're done mopping up, there's a crystal in the corner of this warehouse.

Head outside, where the rogue bots seemed to have struck an alliance with LEGION. You'll gain MAYHEM pretty quickly in this mission, so don't be afraid to bust out your super early, just to avoid the tedium of having to kill each hostile personally.

Clear the lot of bots, swarmtroopers, and blitztroopers, and proceed to the courtyard. Note another crystal in the south corner

There's a loot box in the same area you can snag, but then it's back to work. Clear the enemies on the front steps, then fend off a wave which appears in the same corner as the crystal, and then a small and large wave spawning on the upper levels near the front entrance to the building. The second one is particularly hairy, and another good spot for MAYHEM.

When you've finally dropped them all, head to the terraces (same place the bombs are rigged in Braddock's recruitment mission) to confront the chief-bot.

Pick off the lesser enemies first, using the landscape to avoid the chief's beam attack, then hit and run the big guy himself. You'll still want to take cover when he's charging the beam- even a glancing hit will inflict Enfeeble and/or Slow status. The Chief disgorges some pretty sweet loot when he goes down- blueprints and upgrade cores. Hack his corpse to end the Gat-Bot threat, and complete the mission.

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