Joule: Special Investigation

Hit the marker to play the game

Your first objective is to destroy an ice barrage machine. You can, if you want, destroy the guards first, but it's hardly necessary. The machine is attackable as soon as it's in range, and the entire thing is vulnerable.

Once it falls, follow your marker to a Hate Machine.

This one's a little more complex to destroy than the ice barrager. There are only three vulnerable spots, and they tend to spin around very fast. Every minute or so, or whenever one of the spots is destroyed, all the vulenrable points turn down, and the machine is briefly invincible until it spins up again. Lastly, it enrages nearby citizens, who turn into glowing red aggressors that cannot be pacified.

If killing civvies turns your stomach, just stay mobile until all three dishes have been destroyed.

Your last objective is to retrieve the weapons data, which means infiltrating another lair. LEGION must buy them wholesale.

Download the lair data in the antechamber, then fight your way through the hallway (though you only have to fight your way to the door, if you're not in the mood to exterminate everything).

Next challenge is destroying power conduits, but there are no significant room defenses to stop you.

The next challenge room is large, heavily guarded area with the data server. You can leave as soon as you hack it or stay and mop up LEGION goons.

The next stop is the elevator up to mission completion.

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