We Must Be Strong (Jacob)

We Must Be Strong

Continue defying Jacob, and once more he'll send his hunters.

As before, resistance is futile. Let yourself be taken, then wake up for a long cutscene, and a chinwag with the Father.

After, you'll go through the same training sequence as before.

This time it's a little longer, though. After sliding down the abyss corridor, you'll arrive in a hallway with an LMG waiting for you.

Clear the next room of four hostiles, including one just inside the door.

Exiting, there's an enemy in partial cover to gun down.

In that hall, there's another enemy at the end, but be careful of the other hostile lurking just on the other side of the door. This is an ideal spot for a chain takedown.

Then it's just three well-spaced hostiles between you and the final, faceless target.

Complete the course to wake up in the woods, with mission completion.

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