Mission 04 – A Terrible Reaction



MISSION 04 – A Terrible Reaction

Mission area: Sirocco Nord
Prerequisites: Baia region must be completely liberated


Note: You'll want to have explosive weaponry available (such as RPG launchers or GE-64) to deal with the tank armour.


Watch the opening scenes of the mission as the General plots his revenge for your liberation of Baia. Looks like we're off to defend the town of Costa Del Porto before it is completely crushed by Ravello's forces. You will begin looking over the town as it is under attack. Three destroy markers below will point out the locations of tanks assaulting the seaside town. Equip an explosive weapon (such as an RPG launcher) and grapple down the side of the hill towards the closest marker.



For the first tank, you should be able to fire down at it from a ledge above, preventing it and the surrounding troops from firing back at you. Each tank will take 2-3 RPG rounds to take out. Avoid the large red circles that appear on the ground as a tank is about to fire at that location. Quickly move toward and fire at the next tank a little way down the road. The final tank is on a cliff above, so you will need to grapple up the slope to reach it.


If you are running low on RPG rounds, swap to the GE-64 explosive you used to blow up the bridge in the second mission, as one of these will send the tank sky-high. You can also grapple to the top of the tank and press Y/ Triangle to remove the tank operator to make attaching the explosive easier and safer (as you will no longer be under attack). Detonate it and watch the tank erupt. A few seconds later, Mario will contact you over the radio telling you he is pinned down in the center of town. Mario can take a few hits (his health bar will appear), but his life is not infinite so immediately high-tail it towards his marked location.



Drop down into the fight (or remain on one of the buildings overlooking Mario's location for a safer option) and start gunning down the soldiers attacking Mario. After the initial group of ground forces are taken care of, a plane will fly overhead releasing a swarm of paratroopers into the air above you. Pincushion the falling forces as they slowly descend towards you. Restock at the weapon locker against the wall near Mario as he tells you what happened to the other rebels. A group of rebels in a truck will rock up outside the nearby gate.


To let them in, you need to attach a tether to the top of the gate frame and to the gate below and press LT to retract the tether, raising the gate. Yeah, I had to look up the control scheme after scratching my head for a couple of minutes here. When the rebels are inside, jump/ grapple onto the back of the truck as Mario climbs into the front. Swap to your assault rifle (if you haven't already) as the RPG is extremely difficult to aim while on a moving vehicle. Multiple helicopters and enemy trucks will chase after you as you and your allies flee the town. Focus on the helicopters first as they are the biggest threat. You have to remain on/ close to the rebel truck or else a timer will appear, failing the mission if you remain away too long.



After a getting to a set location (without getting blown up), you and your allies will automatically succeed in getting away and a scene will take over as the mission ends.



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