Mission 16 – Electromagnetic Pulse



MISSION 16 – Electromagnetic Pulse

Mission area: Massos
Requirements: Liberate 3 provinces in Insula Dracon


After starting the mission, you'll once again be tasked with taking out the FOW facility in a region. To do this, Dimah will ask you to follow the pipes that lead to the device. Cross the lake to the pipeline on the far side, following it as it makes a right and then snakes across the beach below. Glide down as it crosses the shallows and then follow it into the watery cave below. At the other end of the cave are four or five lurking gunboats, just waiting to make life difficult for you. Grapple aboard them one by one and turn their machine guns on each other to bring them down pretty fast. You can also use your special weapons, but that's pretty much overkill.


Finish off the last two soldiers on the beach and a marker will point out the entrance to the FOW facility in the water below. Dive into the depths and Dimah will open the metal hatch for you giving you access. Swim along the short tunnel and you will emerge inside the facility. Run up the ramp and interact with the button at the top. Looks like they decided to *gasp* lock the door this time (unlike the previous FOW facility).



But that's OK. You can drop down into the pipe tunnel that appears a few seconds later to circumvent the door and reach the power core. This time it will be guarded by higher level soldiers than the last one, so make sure you have some cover nearby in case you need to heal up as you unload your LMG or special weapons on them. Afterwards, simply blow up the power core with bombs or your special weapons to dismantle the device, stopping the FOW in this region. Afterwards, Dimah will point you to a tunnel in the roof you can grapple up to reach the open air once more and conclude the mission. Wow, 6 minutes. Short one, eh?



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